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First "Floating" AOTE Program To Be Launched By Ocean Futures Society And Radisson Seven Seas Cruises In Polynesia
The Seven Seas Cruise project is the fourth AOTE program site for Ocean Futures Society. The program serves more than 10,000 elementary, middle and high school ... program at El Capitan Canyon near Santa Barbara, CA. The AOTE program is scheduled to be launched in France, the Cayman Islands and Puerto Rico by 2005. For reservations and information about the AOTE program ...

La Patera School 4th grade attends first Ambassador's program at El Capitan Canyon! - 2004 Gallery
Mrs. Buratto’s 4th grade class! They are the first graduates of Ocean Future Society’ AOTE program at El Capitan Canyon. Photo credit: Holly S. Lohuis, Ocean Futures Society The entire 4th ... students from Goleta, California, participated in Ocean Future Society’s newest Ambassadors of the Environment (AOTE) Program. Three camp sessions with the students were held on-site at El Capitan Canyon during ... More from this site

Environmental Studies 190
L&S Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Website UCSB Education Abroad Program UC Washington Center Program Additional Lec. 5 Resources & Info November 7th Attending Graduate School: ... Environmental Leadership Program (CELP) Members of the 2007 Sustainable Bike Tour and Ambassadors of the Environment ( Peace Corps Ambassadors of the Env. Catalina Environmental Leadership Program ( ...

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