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DayCreek Journal - September 10, 2006
Crescent, Minnesota's Applefest. La Crescent Minnesota is the "Apple Capital" of least that's what the ... Apple Capital. It almost sounds like it should be the Apple Kingdom of Minnesota, but I guess there is no apple king. As in previous year's, we are having our own "Applefest". It all started about eight years ago when we invited friends to come up to watch the apple crate ...

DayCreek Journal - September 27, 2005
But that all changed one year when one of the kids got hurt after his apple crate ... apple crate races. But out of the ashes of the apple crate race, we decided to have our own Applefest. We considered racing our own apple crate ... More from this site

Worm Composting
Get a wooden or plastic box about as big as an apple crate. Use compost, leaves, and/or shredded newspaper for bedding. Use a lid since worms like ...

Heating Cooking Lighting
Cover it to lend protection from weather and sun. Wood. Hardwoods such as apple, cherry, and other fruit woods are slow burning and sustain coals. Hardwoods are more difficult ... cook inside a cardboard oven. Take a cardboard box, about the size of an orange crate, and cover it with aluminum foil inside and out. Be sure that the shiny side ...

2008 CSA Farm Directory
In 2006 we planted strawberries, raspberries and apple trees, established our bee colonies and grew over 25 vegetables ... from June to October. Our share comes in a large reusable crate that, depending on the time of year, contains from six ... ideas, environmental information, and a farm newsletter. We also operate an organic apple orchard and will be adding delicious organic apples to the ...

San Diego Zoo Blogs 2006 April
I held mine (no name yet, just a number) on my lap and fed him apple slices (provided by the keeper). “My” cub thoroughly enjoyed the fruit and kept putting ... on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or sometimes a Thursday. We typically select three animals per person, crate them, and bring along food/treats, water, towels, hand gel, recycled newspaper (because feces happens ...

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