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October 3, 2000: Fish Farming May Soon Overtake Cattle Ranching
India is a distant second with 2 million tons. Other developing countries with thriving aquacultural sectors include Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Thailand. ... grown in China lead the way with a combined output of some 11 million tons in 1998, more than a third of world aquacultural output. Among shellfish, the Pacific cupped oyster, at 3 ...

Habitat Media - interview transcript
There are particular environmental problems with salmon for example that have to do with the ... 's producing around 15 million tons of carp per year, which is very substantial. Worldwide aquacultural output now is somewhere around 40 million tons, and the oceanic catch is around 90 million ...

Eco-Economy Indicators: FISH - Wild Fish Catch Hits Limits: Oceanic Decline Offset by Increased Fish Farming
Though salmon, trout, shrimp, and prawns currently account for just 9 percent of world aquacultural output, production of these carnivorous fish is doubling almost every eight years, rapidly increasing ... of herbivorous fish, like carp. China, which accounts for some 68 percent of world aquacultural production, has developed an efficient carp polyculture using freshwater ponds. Fish farmers in ...

North American pools, the ozone dosage has often been underrated and a proof of ozone output was usually not required. Some ozone suppliers will then claim that chlorine is needed anyway ... on various water/air treatment projects, such as swimming pools, community drinking water systems, wastewater, aquacultural implementations, and many more. References are available.

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