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Maryland Native Plant Society: At Risk: Araby Bog
Gallery Resources Contact Us Join MNPS Site Map Site Index At Risk: Araby Bog, Charles County The Araby bog is a magnolia bog of unusual size and quality. Its estimated size is about 6.5 ... the Araby Bog Area Description of the Bog Save Araby Bog Web Site Araby Bog (PDF, ~64KB), a brief description of the bog along with species found at the site. What you can do to help save Araby Bog Maryland ...

Araby Bog
Magnolia Bogs Photo Plates Acknowledgements Map of Araby Bog Back to Photo Gallery The Araby Bog is a diverse, 6.5 acre Magnolia Bog in Charles County, Maryland with a large, ... gravel-sand substrate at Araby Bog Bog Clubmoss (Lycopodiella appressa) and spring-flushed gravel-sand substrate Sphagnum moss and Sweet Magnolia leaves Open Section of Araby Bog Twisted Spikerush (Eleocharis tortilas) ...

Flora of Araby Bog, Charles County, Maryland
Araby Bog, Charles County, Maryland Flora of Araby Bog, Charles County, Maryland. By Roderick Simmons, Maryland Native Plant Society, Botany Committee Chair; flora surveys by Roderick Simmons and Mark Strong The Araby Bog ...

Araby Bog - what you can do
Araby Bog - what you can do What you can do NOW. To express your concern about Araby Bog: You can write to this address ... The Charles County Commissioners have proposed to rezone land in the Araby Bog area to lower its density, but no plans have been ... received preliminary plat approval. For more information contact: SAMMS (Save Araby, Mattawoman and Mason Springs) email - or telephone - ... More from this site

ARABY BOG HYDROGEOLOGY OF ARABY BOG: A PRISTINE WATER SOURCE By Tony Fleming, Indiana Licensed Professional Geologist #1675 Araby Bog is a biologically diverse and largely undisturbed example of a rare ... Araby Bog. Unpublished report. Simmons, R.H., and Strong, M.T., 2001. Araby Boga globally rare Magnolia Bog in Charles County, Maryland. Unpublished report. Thomas, L.K. Jr., 2000, The Araby Bog. ...

Maryland Native Plant Society: Places at Risk
Araby Bog, Charles County Crabtree Creek Old-growth Forest, Garrett County Stop the ICC! Success Stories Douglas ...

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