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About the Rare Breeds Conservation Society
About the Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand Feral goats on Arapawa Island, at the northern end of the South Island. As animal breeders have constantly sought to improve their livestock, some ... feral strains that are of historical and scientific interest, such as the Arapawa goats (see photo), Kaimanawa horses and Auckland Island pigs. New Zealand can therefore play a part in the world ...

Rare Origin: Feral Arapawa Pigs A Rare Breed of New Zealand Origin Arapawa pig on Arapawa Island (Photo by Betty Rowe) The true origin of the feral pigs of Arapawa Island in the ... Arapawa Island itself. Young Arapawa pigs being reared in Canterbury (Trotter/McCulloch photo) Then in 1998 four healthy piglets were recovered from the Island and these have been successfully bred from. Arapawa ... More from this site

Farm Profile, WitnessTree Farm, Gerald, Missouri. The Randall Cattle Registry, Inc.
Dark Cornish chickens, Blue Slate turkeys, and Black Cayuga ducks), and now also includes Arapawa Island goats, Brabant Belgian draft horses, Jacob 4-Horned sheep, and of course, our wonderful Randall ...

Priority Listing STATUS New Zealand: Rare Overseas: Nil Origin: Feral Stewart Island Sheep A Rare Breed of New Zealand Origin Stewart Island ram (ewes in background) (Photo by Ron & Kath Gallagher) The ... years and maintained on the mainland. These are described as being very like those from Arapawa Island in size (i.e. relatively small) and general appearance – the rams having particularly fine ...

Arapawa Wildlife Sanctuary
Arapawa Wildlife Sanctuary Arapawa Wildlife Sanctuary Rare Breeds in their Natural Habitat By Betty Rowe Arapawa Island sits at the top of the South Island ... island. My late husband, Walter, and I arrived in New Zealand in 1969 and in 1972 moved to the island and embarked upon an adventure involving the wildlife of Arapawa ... battle to protect the wildlife of Arapawa Island has now entered its 33rd year ... More from this site

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