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Environmental Restoration: Microcatchment Water Harvesting
These all contribute to the runoff threshold coefficient which is a key ... Management 26:396-398. Shanan, L. and N.H. Tadmor. 1979. Microcatchment System for Arid Zone Development. Hebrew University, Jerusalem. 99 p. Home | Ecocomposites | Agricultural Fibers | Sustainable Building | Sustainable Agriculture ...

Water Use and Management
Lake Eyre Basin, part of Australia's arid zone that supports some unique ecosystems. The community decided that upstream-downstream tensions had to be ...

Water Use and Management
Western Australia (irrigation to urban transfers) and parts of the semi-arid zone (transfer from pastoral to mining use). In the longer term, beyond the time horizon of ... More from this site

Sanctuary Asia - Resources
India's Biogeographic Zones Trans-Himalaya The Himalaya The Indian Desert The Semi-arid zone The Western Ghats The Deccan Peninsula The Gangetic Plain The Northeast The Islands The Coast ... Checklist Magazines Check out this Issue's Highlights Read fun stories, solve puzzles... Enter KIDS' zone!

Western Flyway | Siberian Cranes | SCWP Siberian Crane Wetland Project
Kazakhstan are of considerable conservation importance, as key wetlands in an otherwise arid zone. For instance, Naurzum Nature Reserve has been nominated for listing under the World Heritage Convention ...

Acacia tortilis
Two types of thorns abound (1) long, straight, and white, ... of Acacia tortilis (Forsk) under different habitats of the Indian arid zone. Ann. Arid Zone 19(1/2):110–118. N.A.S. 1979. Tropical ... , R.N., and Gyanchand. 1973. Israeli babool a promising tree for arid and semiarid lands. Complete list of references for Duke, Handbook ...

..:: desalination ::..
National Water Supply Improvement Association, Honolulu, Hawaii, July 25–29, 1982 · Developments in Arid Zone Ecology and Environmental Quality 1981 H.I. Shuval, Editor Proceedings of an International Meeting 12th ...

Faidherbia albida: Direct seeding experiments in an arid environment
Eden Faidherbia albida: Direct seeding experiments in an arid environment Articles Written: April 1991 For reference: Eden Foundation, Sweden ... . and G.E. Wickens (1988) Non-timber uses of selected arid zone trees and shrubs in Africa. FAO Conservation Guide 19. Pub. FAO ... Acacia albida) entitled "Faidherbia albida in the West African semi-arid tropics", held in Niamey, Niger, between the 22nd and ...

Directory of arid lands research institutions 1995
Library Small documentation center Subcenters Five field stations Publications Serials Arid Zone Research (quarterly journal) Other Soil maps, land use maps, vegetation maps etc.; ... rational resources use and development; desert formation and development; sand current dynamics; arid zone hydrology; transformation of fragile zones in sandy land Status Ongoing Findings ...

Directory of arid lands research institutions 1995
Status Ongoing Internal ... official Dr. M.A.N. Müller, Deputy Director: Research Divisions Tree Seed Section, Arid Zone Research, Dune Stabilization Section Professional staff 8 Total staff 49 Facilities Office ... More from this site

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