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Smallmouth Bass-Fishing The Arkansas Ozarks-White River-Mountain Home
Their primary foods are crayfish and sunfish. Smallmouth In Streams Although all three Black bass species can be found in Arkansas Ozarks streams, the premiere stream fish is the Smallmouth. The Smallmouth evolved in clear, cool mountain creeks and rivers, so it is best suited to survive and flourish in Ozark streams ...

Catfish-Fishing The Arkansas Ozarks-Lake Norfork - Bull Shoals - Mountain Home
Blue catfish on the Arkansas River. Both Channel and Blue are found everywhere in the lakes. Channels are native to the Arkansas Ozarks streams. Historically they reproduced in the larger ... Trotlines and set poles are effective in streams. Flathead Catfish Flathead catfish are native to most of the Arkansas Ozarks waters, including lakes and streams. They are a pure carnivore, eating ... More from this site

ASM | Mammals of Oklahoma
Castoridae (beavers) American Beaver Castor canidensis Uncommon Statewide; especially along creeks & streams. 247(H), 248(H), 408, 409(H), 410(H), 1239 120 The largest rodent ... Formerly statewide 142(C), 1132(S) A few have wandered in from reintroductions into the Arkansas Ozarks & possibly from Colorado or New Mexico. Grizzly or Brown Bear Ursus arctos Extirpated Formerly ...

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