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The TAO project: Mooring Information
ATLAS Moorings - Surface Mooring Hardware - Sensor Heights and Depths - ADCP Current Meter Moorings - Historical Current Meter Moorings - TRITON Moorings NEXT GENERATION ATLAS MOORINGS Design of the relatively inexpensive ATLAS ...

The TAO project: GTS Information
GTS Distribution of TAO, PIRATA and Indian Ocean Data ATLAS mooring data from TAO, PIRATA and Indian Ocean arrays are ... to February 2005, ATLAS moorings transmitted data 8 hours per day (0600-1000 and 1200-1600 local times). Moorings deployed since the beginning ... a satellite pass, typically 8-14 times per day for ATLAS moorings. The shift from 8 hour to 16 hour per day ... More from this site

CRC Reef Research Centre
Members For CRC Reef Members Commercial & International Fishing & Fisheries Sustainable Tourism Engineering Wave Atlas & Modelling Reef Pontoon Guidelines Ports & Shipping Catchment to Reef Reef Pontoon Guidelines ... tropical cyclones. The pontoons are moored over and adjacent to corals, hence the moorings and anchors must be strategically placed. Coral is sometimes relocated to provide clearance ...

fanshell reports
Milford Haven, exploring co-ordinates for fanshells as listed in the CCW marine BAP Atlas for Wales (Jon Moore, 2002). Unfortunately, only one dead shell was recorded from within the ... been in situ. Therefore we concluded that it wouldn't be sensible to move the moorings, as this may also damage adjacent seagrass areas, without any benefit to the fanshells we ...

The River Thames Guide - Reading and Reference Material - Reading and Reference Materials
Kew Bridge. You can also obtain detailed info. on such items as public and private moorings, tourist info. pubs and towns. Once installed on your PC the software allows you to ... : ISBN No 0-7509-4224-X "OXFORD - THE PHOTOGRAPHIC ATLAS" This book is an atlas with a difference - Oxford from the sky to give you a bird's ...

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