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NURP funded researchers probe Aleutian depths (08/02/04)
NURP is funding scientists from the National Marine Fisheries Service's Auke Bay Lab to collect data to determine the existence and distribution of coral gardens and associated fish ... extraordinary, unexpected images of lush sea-bottom life in the Aleutians. Led by Stone and Auke Bay Lab biologist Jon Heifetz, the team used the two-person submersible Delta to document the ...

Habitat Media - interview transcript
INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT - Dr. Jonathan Heifetz John Heifetz is a fisheries research biologist at Auke Bay Fisheries Lab in Juneau, Alaska. What is different in terms of how groundfish management is conducted in ... to factory trawlers that are ground fishing? In the Bering Sea there’s a Bristol Bay closure, which is a large area, and there’s what is known as the Great ...