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Backdraft Machine
Backdraft Machine Backdraft Machine - Dust Collection Enclosure Booth "The Backdraft Machine offers high-efficiency filtration 99.95% down to .5 microns with a space-saving compact ... of applications. The Backdraft Machine also offers the flexibilty to accom-modate a wide array of processes, with work areas ranging from 48" to 84" in width, adjustable machine height and optional conveyor ...

Fume Collectors and Smoke Collection Systems
ECB downflo retractable enclosure softwall cleanroom cleanroom tunnel chemical mixing booth backdraft machine commercial air cleaners wastewater / coolant filtration hepa air cleaners contamination ... Backdraft Machine High-Efficiency Enclosure Booth This compact enclosure booth offers high-efficiency filtration 99.95% down to .5 microns with ultimate flexibility in work space, machine ... More from this site

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August issues of The Fabricator and Modern Machine Shop! This same ad will appear in each of ... the TaskMaster including a downdraft table, dual articulated arms, a backdraft table and a long reach flexible hose. A simple "Lift- ... Lift-Off" attachment connection allows the operator to easily switch the backdraft hood attachment with other TaskMaster Air Cleaner attachments, no tools ...

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