bahamian brown anoles

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1998 Biology of Lizards Class in the Field - 1998
S. nigropunctatus gibbus, wall geckos, Tarentola americana warreni, Bahamian brown anoles, Anolis sagrei, and greenhouse frogs, Eleutherodactylus planirostris. Later in the evening, some ... were Exuma Cays black-spotted least geckos, Bahamian brown anoles, Exuma Cays ameiva, Ameiva auberi obsoleta, and Great Bahamas Bank brown runners, Alsophis v. vudii. On Alligator Key, ...

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Bahamian islands where they were previously absent, curlytails quickly devoured some of the brown anole lizards populating those islands and a decline in the population of anoles followed ... that brown anoles selectively eat more young of green anoles than visa versa (Gerber and Echternacht 2000). Green anoles became more arboreal in response to the invasion of brown anoles. If brown anoles are ...