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Greenways Land Trust
The 500 hectare Beaver Lodge Forest Lands, Haig Brown Heritage Property and the Baikie Island Reserve in the Campbell River estuary. I want to thank the staff and many volunteers ... mountains eastwards to the Discovery Coast and includes the islands of Discovery Passage. Vancouver Island's moderate climate provides abundant rainfall that collects in streams and cascades eastwards; connecting ...

Greenways Land Trust
Baikie Island and the surrounding foreshore were used for log booming and sorting, and a sawmill was later established on the Island. In 1998, the sawmill went bankrupt and was torn down. Despite Baikie Island Reserve ... the Baikie Island Reserve. Return to the River The 'Return to the River' campaign was initiated by the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) to purchase 47 acres of Baikie Island and ... More from this site

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