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Barbary Macaques
Barbary macaque habitat in Morocco Distribution of wild Barbary macaques A Barbary macaque in Morocco The Macaques today Today the number of Barbary macaques ...

Gibraltar Ornithological & Natural History Society
Press Releases Visiting Membership Reports Links of Interest Wildlife Flora Fauna Birds Barbary Macaques Recent Records Working Groups Sections Rarities Panel Projects Gibraltar Biodiversity Project Interreg ... World Oceans Day Their Final Spring? Power Station Debate GONHS statement on Barbary macaques Barbary macaques - a few home truths Heritage Award for Leslie Natural History Course details ... More from this site

Gettorf Zoo
Barbary macaques, and squirrel monkeys (Bolivian and black-capped) are all well worth seeing despite their relative lack of rarity. There are rarer species too: black mangabeys, diana monkeys, and Sulawesi macaques ...

Spring Meeting 2006
National Park, Gabon 12. Roberts, S. G. B. University of Stirling Investigating hiding behaviour in Barbary macaques (Macaca sylvanus) 12. Shanee, S. & Shanee, N. Oxford Brookes University Gibbon reintroduction, Phuket, Thailand 13 ...

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