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Eugene Weekly : Movies : 06.30.05
With Batman Begins director Christopher Nolan returns the Batman franchise, if not to respectability, than at least to the first tier of movies based upon comic books. The last two Batman movies were ... us why we were interested in Batman to begin with. The most widely known villains having already been mined for use in recent Batman movies, Batman Begins lacks a familiar antagonist. However, ...

Eugene Weekly : Movies : 09.01.05
Caddy convertible while drinking. PG-13. Movies 12. Online archives. Constant Gardener, The: Directed by Fernando ... on 9/3 and 9/4 at Cinemark. CONTINUING: Batman Begins: Christopher Nolan (Insomnia, Memento) directs an all star ... planets, deploying his signature Flash Gordon wipes." PG-13. Movies 12. Online archives. Undiscovered: Meiert Avis directs an ensemble cast ... More from this site

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary - Visiting Lone Pine
Luckily, "Batman" has saved the bats from their reputation and turned them into "the heroes in ...

Cult TV Shows and Movie Series Search
Angel Arrested Development Austin Powers Avengers B - tv and film to Amazon USA Babylon 5 Batman Battlestar Galactica Benny Hill Beverly Hillbillies Bewitched Black Adder Blakes Seven Bottom Brady Bunch ... 2) Movie Directors + Their Films Film Composers + Their Soundtracks Wacky Movie Titles (reg 1) Cult Movies & TV (reg 1) Buying through any shopping links found at Looking-Glass and VeggieGlobal ...

World Cinema Directors List
A Touch of Spice (Politiki Kouzina) Terry Gilliam Brazil, Monty Python Tim Burton Edward Scissorhands, Batman, Sleepy Hollow Todd Haynes Safe Todd Solondz Happiness, Storytelling Todd Verow Little Shots of Happiness ... 2) Movie Directors + Their Films Film Composers + Their Soundtracks Wacky Movie Titles (reg 1) Cult Movies & TV (reg 1) MINI SITES Buffy + Angel X Files South Park Simpsons Woody Allen ... More from this site

Right to Quiet
Batman & Robin. It wasn't about action or adventure. It was about volume. "It was extremely loud," says the 11-year-old. "It was almost painful." Movies ... audio equipment and volume settings, here's what he found: Batman & Robin peaked at 112 decibel in one theatre, while ... s Distribution, a unit of Warner Bros. Pictures, which created Batman and Contact. Reardon says he gets annoyed by preview trailers ...

Next 'Harry Potter' film to be delayed eight months - Los Angeles Times
Mexico. Warner currently is riding high with "The Dark Knight," the Batman film that also stars Bale. The grim super-hero movie has taken ... would cut the waiting time between "Half-Blood Prince" and the final two movies, which will be shot next year. The final book, "Harry Potter ... come. "We would never do anything to hurt one of the movies or the series. We love our fans." ...

'Tropic Thunder' could knock 'Dark Knight' off No. 1 - Los Angeles Times
Now comes a trio of self-absorbed actors with a chance to knock Batman from No. 1. DreamWorks' "Tropic Thunder" -- the Hollywood satire whose Simple Jack character sparked a ... " into the market, but Moore notes that it has fairly clear sailing, with few similar movies coming soon. "The Dark Knight," which fended off "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor ... More from this site

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B movies ‘Leonard Cohen’ a noteworthy tribute In 'Clerks II,' Jersey Boys Still Register No work of 'Art' 'Pirates' a real treasure 'Superman Returns' no 'Batman Begins' Powerful tale ... 'Nanny' can make a spoonful of vinegar sweet Film sucks the life out of vampire movies 'New World': Visuals, narrations captivating 'Spear': Director's approach hurts gripping story Glory waits till ...

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