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Compassion Over Killing > Marketplace
U.S. who are forced to spend their lives crammed inside wire battery cages, but it also reveals how the egg industry is deceiving consumers about that cruelty. Free ...

Compassion Over Killing > CAMPAIGN VICTORY: Morningstar Farms To Use One Million Fewer Eggs!
Battery-caged hens ... More from this site

Protect yourself from pathogens found in animal foods by ...

Get Involved | Farm Sanctuary
California's November 2008 ballot. We now advance to phase two of this groundbreaking ... to ban three of the worst factory farming confinement systems: veal crates, gestation crates and battery cages. H.B. 1522, sponsored by Rep. Vaillancourt, is scheduled for a hearing in a House ...

Get Involved | Farm Sanctuary
Battery cages - small wire cages in which several hens are packed together so tightly that they are unable to ... has consistently shown that most Americans oppose the cruelty of veal crates, gestation crates and battery cages, yet it is extremely difficult to convince the legislature to pass laws banning these ... More from this site

Undercover Investigations | Mercy For Animals
In 2002 and 2003, MFA conducted a seven-month long undercover investigation at rodeos across ...

Eggs | Mercy For Animals
U.S. are confined in battery cages -- small wire cages stacked in tiers and lined up in rows in huge ... fulfill normal behavioral patterns or social needs. Constantly rubbing against the wire cages, they suffer from severe feather loss, and their bodies are covered ... and 10% to die. For every egg laying hen confined in a battery cage, there is a male chick who was killed at the ... More from this site

Friends of Animals | The Low-Down on Californians for Humane Farms | Winter 2007-08
In other words, the campaign doesn't necessarily assume the cage-free egg concept will be better for the birds' welfare than modified cages; yet it ...

Factory farm tigers being turned into wine
Chinese farm breeds hundreds of tigers in rows of battery cages ... so they can be killed and turned into wine... King, the ... upon row of sheds, hundreds of tigers are incarcerated in battery-like cages which they never leave until they are slaughtered. Visitors to ... thousands of these noble beasts will spend their lives in battery cages. If the Chinese get their way, then it will almost ...

Living in Cages by Karen West
Omelette, A Chicken in Peril’, which tells of chickens in small cages packed together, one on top of the other, one bird to ... they are fully-grown, without having any contact with anything outside the battery. Some may think of this problem as small in the greater scheme ... had to move away from Darwin, which was becoming like a battery in itself, restricting the paths I wished to take in life. ...

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