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Save The Tiger Fund | Protection, not farming, will save the tiger
Banks. Adam Roberts of the US-based Born Free Foundation adds 'China instituted bear farming around 1984 with the argument...that it would reduce pressure on wild populations.' 'The exact opposite is true. Bear farms still deplete wild populations ...

Success: `Shrimp farming -- a violation of the green' has been used in public hearings into shrimp farming and broadcast on Brazilian television helping to secure ... show the brutality and unsustainability of bear farming has been aired across Vietnam and shown on national television, and has helped encourage the government to ban bear farms. EJF, 5 St Peter' ...

EJF: Film: Wildlife
How Can I Help? The Issues Partners Reports Film Photos Success Stories Film: Wildlife ENV Bear Farming PSA 2006 My Linh PSA EJF, 5 St Peter's Street, London N1 8JD, UK ... More from this site

Tiger, bear seizures in Russia
Russian custom officers apparently confiscated 500 bear paws (probably mostly Himalayan black bear), and 1 tiger skin and ... China. The large number of confiscated bear paws shows that legalised bear farming and trade in China has not reduced poaching of bears in Russia and the illegal export of their body parts to China. So much for the logic of tiger farming ...

Departments of Beijing and Sichuan to rescue 500 bears and work together to end bear farming in China, 39 bear farms have been closed and 139 bears confiscated into our care. Our ... extensive coverage from journalists whose stories are spreading across the country in support of ending bear farming. Our Traditional Chinese Medicine Education Packs are seeing mass circulation to thousands of doctors ...

People across the UK are being asked to sign up to end bear bile farming as part ... bear bile farming, and in 2006, signed an agreement with Ms Robinson to start closing down the farms and hand over 200 bears to AAF's rescue centre. Bear farming ... be the focus of the foundation's campaign to end bear farming, with an education centre, viewing area and herb garden for visitors ... More from this site

Marin Agricultural Land Trust
Point Reyes Station and Olema on the north and south, and Highway One and Bear Valley Road on the east and west would have housed 375 acres of commercial, tourist ... 's turn hindsight into foresight by working together to ensure that our agricultural history and farming economy are kept in clear view as we once again plan for the future of ...

Panda Bear
JavaScript to contact GBF.) Great Bear Foundation Privacy Policy Asiatic Black Bear | Brown Bear | North American Black Bear Panda Bear | Polar Bear | Sloth Bear Spectacled Bear | Sun Bear Panda Bear Ailuropoda melanoluca Is the giant panda ... . The people of China have been cutting down bamboo forests for houses and farming. When bamboo becomes scarce, pandas have nowhere to go for a new supply ...

Sloth Bear
GBF.) Great Bear Foundation Privacy Policy Asiatic Black Bear | Brown Bear | North American Black Bear Panda Bear | Polar Bear | Sloth Bear Spectacled Bear | Sun Bear Sloth Bear Melursus ursinus For a long ... Bears Historically: Due to increasing human population and encroachment for housing and farming, sloth bears and their habitat are disappearing. Logging and other resource ... More from this site

Organic food & farming - Organic Farmers & Growers - Frequently Asked Questions
G will withdraw organic certification from that product. Q. Why is organic farming better for the countryside? A. Organic farming uses less intensive methods to produce food and encourages diversity of wildlife ... and animal feeds, cost more than non-organic versions. But we should always bear in mind that organic farming does not have costly environmental impacts, such as the expense of cleaning up ...

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