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news : 200905 : ECNC : The European Centre for Nature Conservation
Beautiful Europe initiative of NatureNet Europe at the European Nature Conference in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.The initiative was strongly welcomed at the conference, which brought together more than 650 people from all over Europe. Beautiful Europe ...

news : 210905 : ECNC : The European Centre for Nature Conservation
Europe launches “Beautiful Europe” initiative NatureNet Europe launches “Beautiful Europe” initiative Tilburg, Leiden, 19 September 2005 ECNC, EUCC-The Coastal Union and Eurosite want to change the current nature conservation approach and practice in Europe ... More from this site

Sponsorship : ECNC : The European Centre for Nature Conservation
NatureNet Europe alliance, including its promising Beautiful Europe initiative. ECNC also has a prominent role in the Countdown 2010 initiative, focusing on safeguarding Europe’s biodiversity ... a wide European expertise and information network in all parts of Europe, including Central and Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia; expertise on sustainable development; acknowledgement in ...

ECNC : ECNC : The European Centre for Nature Conservation
ECNC projects ECNC ECNC - for a Beautiful Europe The European Centre for Nature Conservation is an independent organization working for the conservation and sustainable use of Europe’s nature, biodiversity and landscapes. ... perception and appreciation of nature in the minds of people. The ECNC brochure for a Beautiful Europe has been warmly welcomed by ECNC's Board as well as its Bureau members. ... More from this site

FoE Europe - Youth!
Europe work towards a sustainable future. You can help European policy ... we can share experiences and knowledge and campaign for a beautiful future. More info Are you interested in joining Young FoEE? ... Germany (BUNDjugend) in Berlin. It had participants from all over Europe and offered young people interested in the environment a ...

International Vegetarian Union - World Vegetarian Congress, Dresden, Germany 2008
Communist East Germany which also suppressed vegetarian organisations. However, much of this beautiful city has been rebuilt, and there is now a new local affiliated vegetarian group in ... IVU was very much a European organisation with all Congresses held in Europe and all member societies being in Europe, with just an occasional visitor from India and America. See The Fabulous ...

Island Destinations Rated: North & West Europe @ National Geographic Traveler
Islands, Portugal Score: 61 "Despite a reputation for high-quality tourism, beautiful and diverse gardens, and walking in beautiful scenery, Madeira has suffered from mass-market hotel development spreading out ... beaches; fascinating geology; over a million breeding seabirds; the highest density of otters in Europe; regular sightings of killer whales; and superb displays of rare sub-Arctic flora." " ...

Europe on the Matrix
Slovenia Map of Ukraine Information News Eastern Europe This section of this web site is devoted primarily to Eastern Europe. Although I have traveled to western Europe a number of times, I have ... western Europe. Other areas, such as the beautiful Crimean Peninsula in Ukraine see very few western tourists. So, whether you are looking for a travel experience on a par with western Europe, or ...

Europe on the Matrix: Jurmala (JĹ«rmala), Latvia
Odessa ---------------------------------------------------------- Map of Ukraine Maps Map of Eastern Europe Map of Bosnia Map of Czech Republic ... onto the greater Baltic Sea. The area offers beautiful white sand beaches that reach as far as ... ga Sigulda Map of Latvia ---------------------------------------- [Home] [Africa] [Asia] [Europe] [Middle East] [North America] [South America] [Search] [Site Map ... More from this site

Halstatt, Austria
Iron Age but for this writer the beautiful lakeside town is more significant for its extraordinary atmosphere of peace. To meditate in the ...

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