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East Gippsland Forest Actions & Events
A tree platform attached to the gate on Centre Rd and cabled to several large trees has prevented logging from starting again in the controversial logging coupe at Bonang River MORE.... Big Tree Logging ...

Bonang River Blockades - Centre and Survey Road
Media Release 27 March 2006 Big Tree Blockade Re-established Conservationists have re-entered the controversial “big tree” logging coupe in the Bonang River catchment. A tree ... 2006 Big Tree Logging Stopped Logging has been halted in a controversial logging coupe on the Errinundra Plateau this morning. Fifteen people have blocked a logging road with a tree platform ... More from this site

Cloudforest Tree-Sit Journal (Do or Die)
When we reached the tree camp we were greeted by locals from Action for Life, who ... of new or improved 'superhighways', dams, power lines, mines, gas and oil fields, waterways, ports, logging concessions and other developments. The roads and waterways will make it much cheaper for Brazil ...

Threats to Daintree Rainforest - Australia - Logging, mining, tourism, development - Tropical Far North Queensland
Logging, mining, tourism, development - Tropical Far North Queensland Daintree Rainforest ... big problem. There are four major threats to the natural environment. All are interlinked, and all are within our control if we are sensitive to the way we handle the rainforest. Logging ... bulldozed and used as cattle ranches. Recently, a species of tree in the red cedar family was suddenly made extinct ...

TASMANIA NEWS - HERE YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL - Discover Tasmania Good Weekend and Jim Bacon Minister for Tourism
Native Forests are clearfelled and burnt in Tasmania. The above big tree (The Apple Isle) is part of logging coup SX 13C in the Styx Valley, this is due for clearing ...

TREE FERNS WELD HILL FEEDBACK AND STORIES OF TASMANIAN EVENTS THAT VISITORS SHARE FROM A VISIT TO TASMANIA OR A VISIT TO DISCOVER TASMANIA From Ronnie ( Big Tree Hunter) Texas, USA AT WELD HILL The biggest Dickersonian Antarctica known in Tasmania The Tree Fern is ... ferns. The area is located in a proposed cable logging coupe. HOME to main event / feedback page WALK FOR CHANGE ... More from this site

EcoNews, Serving the Vision of a Sustainable Vancouver Island
Victoria team has achieved a lot, including successfully pressuring Weyerhaeuser to halt all new logging operations in the Upper Walbran (they are currently deciding whether to designate their Walbran tenure ... and Gas; organizing camping and hiking trips to the endangered Upper Walbran Valley; sponsoring the Big Tree Derby which resulted in BC's 4th largest Douglas fir and Pacific yew trees being ...

EcoNews, Serving the Vision of a Sustainable Vancouver Island
My apologies. PECK - 250-629-6087 BIG TREE DERBY The Western Canada Wilderness Committee has launched a Derby to locate Canada’s largest ... scientific study of the Vancouver Island marmot has failed to correlate massive, ongoing industrial clearcut logging with the imminent extinction, in 2002 or 2003, of wild V.I. marmots. While ... More from this site

Logging - The Straw House Blog
House Blog The Blog The House The Lights Logging By Glen Hunter on May 29, 2005 6:52 PM | Permalink We had Rick ... building the south deck this year, and the east deck next year. The big news though is that we think we have enough wood to cover most, ... (actually these) pile(s). Because we hope to use as much of the tree as we possibly can we have three piles, softwoods and hardwoods are separated, ...

Logging - The Straw House Blog
They had a big machine that carried out the logs, and that could navigate nearly ... also problematic because, unlike most hardwoods you can't tell if the tree is any good until you've dropped it. White cedar, like Poplar ... 0 TrackBacks Listed below are links to blogs that reference this entry: Logging. TrackBack URL for this entry: ... More from this site

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