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CWAF | Mvog Betsi Zoo | drill monkey
The drill only lives in three countries: Cameroon's Southwest Province, South East Nigeria and Bioko Island in Equatorial Guinea. The drill is Africa's most endangered primate. A mother drill only ...

CWAF | Mvog Betsi Zoo | putty nose monkey
The putty-nosed guenon is found on Bioko Island and on the mainland from north of the Zaire and Itimbiri rivers west to Nigeria ... More from this site

Conservation International - Small Island, Big Challenge
Bioko Island's Primates A tiny island in Africa's Gulf of Guinea may become a top priority for global primate conservation efforts. Once connected to the African mainland, Bioko Island ...

EDGE :: Species Search
Big-footed Thorius (Thorius magnipes)Bigfoot Splayfoot Salamander (Chiropterotriton magnipes)Bioko hybomys (Hybomys basilii)Black and rufous elephant-shrew (Rhynchocyon petersi) ... paucidentata)Minute Thorius (Thorius minydemus)Mistbelt Moss Frog (Arthroleptella ngongoniensis)Mocha Island ground frog (Eupsophus insularis)Mombacho salamander (Bolitoglossa mombachoensis)Mondanao Treeshrew (Philippine ...

BIOKO Bioko, the northernmost of the Gulf of Guinea islands, is also the largest, highest and nearest to the continent. Links below give a detailed background to the island. The pages marked with a * are based on the guide to the birds of Bioko, Las Aves de Bioko ... Exploitation on Bioko Bioko Primate Protection League Bioko Marine Turtle Link Arthropod surveys on Bioko, Equatorial Guinea ...

Gulf of Guinea Islands' Biodiversity Network: Bioko
Guinea is composed of three highly diverse and disparate territories: 2.1. The island of Bioko The rectangular-shaped island of Bioko, formerly Fernando P, lies 32 km from the coast of Cameroon. It ... of Piper guineensis and Prunus africana from Bioko Despite the fact that the majority of NWFPs for local consumption are imported from Cameroon, the island of Bioko exports two major forest products: ... More from this site

Bioko Primate Research A small island of Central West Africa and the research on the primates that ... Primate Map ] [ About PCI ] [ Feedback ] [ Links ] [ Publications ] Primate Conservation, Inc 1411 Shannock Rd Charlestown, Rhode Island 02813-3726 Telephone:(401) 364 7140 FAX: (401) 364 6785 Email PCI: nrowe ...

Endangered species of apes, monkeys, lemurs and other primates
Ghana, Ivory Coast Sanje mangabey (Cercocebus sanjei) Tanzania Bioko red colobus (Procolobus pennantii pennantii) Equatorial Guinea (Island of Bioko) Black-faced lion tamarin (Leontopithecus caissara) Brazil ... avunculus) Vietnam Hainan black-crested gibbon (Nomascus nasutus hainanus) China (Hainan Island) Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abelii) Indonesia (Sumatra) HOME Primates Primate FAQ PhotoGallery ...


Terrestrial Ecoregions -- Mount Cameroon and Bioko montane forests (AT0121)
Island Critical/Endangered Volcanic Diversity Special Features Did You Know? Wild Side Cause for Concern More Photos Volcanic Diversity Diversity and richness describe the Mount Cameroon and Bioko ... the tops of Mount Cameroon and on the island of Bioko. This ecoregion is distinguished from surrounding ... monkey. In the montane forests of Bioko, a volcanic island off the coast of Cameroon, you ...

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