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EcoFuture : Birth Control Failure Rates
EcoFuture : Birth Control Failure Rates Updated: 4 December, 2004 Actual vs. Theoretical Failure Rates for Various Birth Control Methods Method Actual Failure Theoretical Failure Rate Chance 85 ...

Robert Gilman - "Sustainability"
... water supplies stabilized the human population through such proven techniques as the broad availability of birth control means and enhanced quality of life for women and families stabilized overall consumption of resources ...

IC31 - Birth, Sex, & Death
Thailand: A Family Planning Success Story by Edorah Frazer Cops and "rubbers"? The secret of Thailand's success is a sense of fun Beyond Birth Control by Susan Willson A cross-cultural midwife explains comprehensive family planning. Plus Bailey-Boushay House by Marcy Jackson Sex, Lies, & Population Control by Alan AtKisson ... More from this site

Our Bodies, Our Lives! (Do or Die)
Women also looked at how indigenous healing practices ... . Telephone: 020 7251 6333. Herbs Using herbs is a very important way of regaining some control over our health. Picking is easy as the common wild herbs like nettle, mint, elderflower ...

Breastfeeding is a natural birth control/child spacer. The chance of getting pregnant while breastfeeding exclusively is less than 1 percent ... long as menstruation has not yet returned. Worldwide, breastfeeding is a more effective method of birth control than all other methods available to Third World women. In Chile, a study of new ...

U.S. Global Change Research Information Office
It is far easier to keep questionable species out than to erase or control them, once they are in. [see also: summary] Population Policy: Consensus and Challenges by Lori ... the social roots of the problem, and the hope of broadening the focus from simple birth control to concerns regarding the health and human rights of those who bear children. [see also ...

U.S. Global Change Research Information Office
Present regulations, however well-intended, now ... actions and policies to stabilize population have in many countries been directed chiefly at birth control. Setting population goals and policies in the context of human rights and health ... More from this site

Alcohol Exposed Pregnancy Prevention (AEPP) and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) Prevention
Prevention Project (AEPP) is to help Minnesota women decrease dangerous drinking and increase effective birth control use to avoid serious immediate and life long consequences including: There is no known ... Women are guided through an independent exploration and decision making process about their drinking and birth control use. Women are given options about how to make a change to stay smart ...

Family Planning
MCH Family Planning Maternal and Child Health Section "The Centers for Disease Control characterizes family planning as one of the 'Ten Great Public Health Achievements ... birth control that are available? emergency contraception? sexually transmitted diseases and where to get confidential, low cost sexually transmitted disease testing and treatment? where to get confidential, low cost birth control ... More from this site

Bird Damage Control Equipment Suppliers for Wildlife Damage Management
Home| Ask the Expert | Contact | Site Map | Store | About | FAQ| Disclaimer | Bird Damage Control Equipment Suppliers Of course, you should always be a savvy shopper. Listing here ... AE Birth Control Bc Cleanup Materials Cm Exclusion Materials E Repellents R Species Specific (name of species) Toxicants & Fumigants Tf Traps T General Suppliers Bird Control Mammal Control Reptile Control Intellectual ...

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