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Predator Conservation Trust: Bat Eared Fox information
Aardwolf and a black backed jackal ...

Predator Conservation Trust: Black-backed Jackal information
The main predators of the black backed jackal are lion and leopard (and of course humans). PREY Black backed Jackals ... More from this site

African wildcat, Ethiopian wolves, and black-backed jackals have all been observed following honey badgers during both the day and the night. In the Kalahari, black-backed jackals (Canis mesomelas) are frequently seen following badgers whilst they foraged. Similar to the goshawks, jackals wait to pounce or strike ...

Wildlife films
Pale Chanting Goshawk. "Black Jack - High Stakes", filmed by Kim Wolhuter in Etosha National Park, Namibia. This film is about Black-backed jackals, but includes scenes of a badger killing ... More from this site

Caracal Cat,Caracal Hunting Cat,Caracal Wild Hunting Cat
As the name implies, the backs of the ears are black and topped with long black tufts about 1.75 inches long. This tuft is the characteristic that Caracals ... are thought to be common throughout central and southern Africa, where their main competitors, the black-backed jackals, have been exterminated by humans. In India, the caracals have benefited from tiger preserves Life ...

Sven Hedin: Plague in Seistan
They were ... really not much to look at - a quantity of small insignificant black specks. And yet these specks are more dangerous to man than ... decent burial, and not be exposed to birds of prey and jackals. There was a certain affecting resignation in this. On April 15, ...

Highlander fanfiction: Mistress of Turquoise
Phagroriopolis beneath their house-foundations, and the jackals sacred to Seth were their neighbors. The scorpion, beloved of ... in a frieze around the bases of the walls . . . and black slave-girls, now, prostrated amidst the ducklings. "Why, does she usually ... anticipation. He turned his head, grinning, and the massage-slave backed away from him, stark-white and wide-eyed. The slave ... More from this site

Africa on the Matrix: Other Mammals of Africa
There are also several species of jackals, including side-striped, golden and the black-backed (or silver-backed) jackal pictured here. Jackals will hunt for rodents, hares and small antelopes. In addition, if larger carnivores are not quick enough, they will sneak in and scavenge from the kills of others. Black-backed jackals ...

Terrestrial Ecoregions -- Angolan Mopane woodlands (AT0702)
Other mammals found here include endangered black rhinos, giraffes, Burchellās zebra, Hartmannās mountain zebra, and black-backed jackals. Antelopes include the Damara (or Kirkās) dikdik, a slender creature that prefers dense thickets and is most active at night. Other antelopes include the black-faced ...

Terrestrial Ecoregions -- Kaokoveld desert (AT1310)
The black rhino population in this area is the only unfenced population of black rhino in the world and is estimated to ... are Hartmann’s mountain zebra, kudu, springbok, gemsbok, lion, and cheetah. Lions, brown hyenas, and black-backed jackals have been seen scavenging fish and larger marine mammal carcasses on the beach. Cause for ... More from this site

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