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Conilurus albipes Conocephaloides remotus Carolina Parakeet Conuropsis carolinensis carolinensis Longjaw cisco Coregonus alpenae Deepwater Cisco Coregonus johannae Blackfin Cisco (fish) Coregonus nigripinnis Shortnose cisco Coregonus reighardi Coryphomys buhleri New Zealand Quail Coturnix novaezelandiae Delalande ...

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Hog-nosed Skunk Rabbit-eared Tree-rat White-footed Tree-rat Carolina Parakeet Longjaw cisco Deepwater Cisco Blackfin Cisco Shortnose cisco New Zealand Quail Delalande's Coua Snail-eating Coua Raiatea Parakeet Black-fronted Parakeet ... More from this site

USFWS: Extinct Species
Ectopistes migratorius) Formerly found in: Central and eastern North America Extinct in 1914 FISHES Blackfin cisco (Coregonus nigripinnis) Formerly found in: Lakes Huron, Michigan, Ontario, and Superior Extinct in ... glacum) Formerly found in: Lakes Erie and Ontario Declared extinct in 1983 Deepwater cisco (Coregonus johannae) Formerly found in: Lakes Huron and Michigan Extinct in 1960s Harelip ...