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Pond; Windcheck Pond; Meadowbrook Pond; Quidnick Reservoir; The lower Woonasquatucket River and The Blackstone River For more information about the Woonasquatucket River advisory go to: ... Mashapaug Pond indicate elevated levels of several contaminants, warranting further study. For the Woonasquatucket River, Mashapaug Pond and other urban rivers and ponds, fishing can still be ...

EPA's American Heritage Rivers > AHRI Contacts > Local Contacts for 14 American Heritage Rivers
Blackstone-Woonasquatucket, Connecticut, Cuyahoga, Detroit, Hanalei, Hudson, Mississippi, Lower , Mississippi, Upper, New, Potomac, Rio Grande, St. Johns, Upper Susquehanna-Lackawanna, Willamette. BLACKSTONE/WOONASQUATUCKET (RI/MA ... Sites: CONNECTICUT (CT/MA/NH/VT) Community ...

Keystone Project Proposals Introduction > EPA's American Heritage Rivers
American Heritage Rivers Keystone Project Proposals 2002 TABLE OF CONTENTS Blackstone-Woonasquatucket River Woonasquatucket River Watershed Restoration Initiative 1 Blackstone River Fish Restoration Project 3 Woonasquatucket River Heritage Trail 6 Connecticut River Connecticut River Watershed ... More from this site

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