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Irish Peatland Conservation Council - Design a Christmas Card
Peter Foss The Bog by Anne Stahl Festive Fox by Jonathan Kavannagh Furze Bog and Mountain by Pauline Bewick Irish Donkey by Catherine O'Connell Peacock Butterfly by Alan Barnes Bog Cotton Field by ...

Irish Peatland Conservation Council - Habitats & Gardens Guide for BOA
Bog Cotton, Angelica, Bulrush, Marsh Cinquefoil and Water Mint. The water supply to the fen is from groundwater. The bog occupies ... in the bog was created to encourage Bog Moss to grow. The water supply to the bog is from rainfall. The bog oak tree ... from 10am to 4pm. Guided Tours available. Admission Euro 5. Bog of Allen Nature Centre Irish Peatland Conservation Council, Lullymore, Rathangan, ... More from this site

IPCC Growing Wiser Wilflife Gardening - Going Peat Free in Your Garden
What bogs have been conserved ? Growing wiser wildlife gardening series Bog factsheets Bogs formation, ecology, distribution and conservation issues Press Releases & News Current Issues ... Remember - bog animals and plants need peat - those in your garden don't. Peat grows naturally in a living bog. Plants living on the surface - such as Sphagnum mosses, Bog Cotton and ...

Irish Peatland Conservation Council - Lodge Bog Boardwalk Guide
Bog Cotton have air spaces in their roots which allow them to breathe in the waterlogged conditions. Sphagnum Moss is called the bog ... Bog Cotton grows in the wetter parts of Lodge Bog. In summer you can see its white fluffy seed heads. In autumn and winter the leaves turn red giving the bog ... More from this site

A Sense of Place (Do or Die)
In wetter places, cross-leaved heath, bog mosses, cotton grass, bog asphodel and marsh violet grow. Pasture, which was originally carved out of the heather ...

ASM | Mammals of Illinois
Oryzomys palustris threatened southern 1/5 252 176 live in wet, swampy fields and marshes Cotton mouse Peromyscus gossypinus extirpated southern tip 677, 678(C) 70 last captured in Illinois in ... their range to the south and east Hispid cotton rat Sigmodon hispidus possible occurrence 76, 1177 158 occurs south of Ohio River Southern bog lemming Synaptomys cooperi common-uncommon statewide 682 210 ...

ASM | Mammals of Kansas
Hispid cotton rat Sigmodon hispidus common statewide (except northwest corner) 76, 1177 158 neotropical species extending its range northward Southern bog lemming Synaptomys cooperi uncommon eastern 1 ... More from this site

Background to the New Forest LIFE II project
The habitats support an exceptional variety of plants and animals, including the richest moss and lichen flora in lowland Europe, scarce flowering plants such as slender cotton ...

Expected Results
UK for riverine woodland and bog woodland. In the lowlands of Britain and Europe, intensive agriculture and flood control, combined with ... accumulates under waterlogged conditions. Mires are rich in plant species, which include sphagnum mosses, sundews, cotton grass and orchids. Through the infilling of drains with heather bales and bank spoil to ... More from this site

WWF - How you can help the environment in your daily life
Look for products that have less packaging. Buy organically grown fruits, vegetables, cotton clothing, and hemp-fibre products. Organic cotton clothing is available from many WWF websites. Don't buy bottled water ... 't use peat in your flower beds and vegetable gardens (peat is taken from ancient bog land, destroying some of our most precious wildlife areas). Instead, make your own compost with ...

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