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SCS: Northern Fur Seal (Callorhinus ursinus)
Island in the Okhotsk Sea (55,000 - 65,000), the Commander Islands (225,000 - 230,000), Bogoslof Island in the Aleutian Islands (5,000), and San Miguel Island ... Bogoslof Island or San Miguel Island but it is thought that 0.2-2% of the population on the Asian islands are killed each year, including 1,500 males on Tyuleniy Island ... and the Pribilof Islands / Bogoslof Island stock is designated as ...

Guide to Stratovolcanoes - Additional References
Alaska: 1983-1992: A video (Pyre Peak, Akutan, Bogoslof, Westdahl, Veniaminof, Augustine, Redoubt, and Spurr volcanoes): U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 95 ... of Tongariro National Park, Tongariro National Park Board. Houghton, Bruce and S.D. Weaver, North Island Volcanism Tour Guides, DSIR and New Zealand Geographical Society. Lamington Taylor, G.A.M., ...