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Hardy Creek
Skamania County, Washington, very near Beacon Rock, approximately 3 miles downstream of the Bonneville Dam. The Hardy Creek watershed has a drainage area of 4.42 square miles. Hardy Creek ...

Glen Canyon Institute
Hoover Dam on the Colorado River (1936), Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River (1938), and Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia River (1942). Shifting ... of around 100 more years because of the rapid rate of sediment builup behind the dam. Dam removal is gaining increasing popularity with the public. Over 460 dams have been removed in ...

Management Plan by this Friday! March 27, 2008 - Oppose plans to kill sea lions at Bonneville Dam! March 6, 2008 - Urge Gov. Gregoire to protect WA Cougars February 21, 2008 - Cougars in ...

CRITFC | Press Releases
NOAA Fisheries to allow limited lethal removal of problem California sea lions below Bonneville Dam. Treaty Tribes Praise Federal Sea Lion Recommendation 17 January 2008 Leaders of the Columbia ... honors the work of CRITFC, its member tribes, and environmental conservation friends and partners. Bonneville Power Administration Terminates Fish Passage Center 26 January 2006 Leaders of the Columbia ...

CRITFC | Wy-kan-ush-mi Wa-kish-wit
Yakama Tribes Scope: The plan covers the following fish that spawn in areas above Bonneville Dam: chinook, sockeye, steelhead, coho, and chum salmon; Pacific lamprey; and white sturgeon. The ... salmon, lamprey and sturgeon populations above Bonneville Dam within seven years. To rebuild salmon populations to annual run sizes of four million above Bonneville Dam within 25 years in a manner that ... More from this site

Persistent Organic Pollutants
States Power (Xcel Energy Articles on Persistant Organic Pollutants ... page 1 : Corps find PCBs near Bonneville Dam island , New study linking vinyl chloride to dioxin , EPA Urged to Perform Emergency PCB Clean ...

People of Color Battle Toxics in Communities Across the U.S.
Colombia River and practice subsistence fishing. - IEN Corps find PCBs near Bonneville Dam island Three samples taken from sediment off an old Bradford Island landfill show high levels ... near Bonneville Dam. The apparent source of the PCBs is junked electrical equipment dumped over the edges of a small landfill on the eastern end of Bradford Island, just upstream from the dam ... More from this site

Lower Columbia Fish Enhancement Group
Lower Columbia River and its associated watersheds/tributaries from the WA coast upstream to Bonneville Dam. Duncan Creek Bid Document Request For Proposals (click to open) Check out this video of ...

LCFEG Projects 2006
Creek flows into the Columbia River at river mile 140.5, approximately 7 miles below Bonneville Dam near the community of Skamania. This project will construct improvements to the existing Duncan Creek ... salmon. One channel is dry most of the time and not accessible to chum. The dam at the mouth of Duncan Creek manipulates the lake water surface elevation and creates passage ... More from this site

Marine Mammal Commission: Letters
California sea lions on salmon near Bonneville Dam, Oregon. (view) (pdf, 46 kb) February 19, 2008 National Marine Fisheries Service Comments and ... the draft environmental assessment on reducing the impact of California sea lions on salmon near Bonneville Dam, Oregon. (view) (pdf, 46 kb) February 19, 2008 Knik Arm Bridge and Toll Authority/ ...

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