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Marine Managed Areas: Best Practices for Boundary Making
Committee's (FGDC) Marine Boundary Working Group and sponsored by the National Marine Protected Areas Center, represents the current best practices for marine boundary delimitation. Marine managed areas (MMA ... under three broad categories, or steps, that outline the general boundary delimitation process and the knowledge that a boundary developer must draw upon. These steps include: Step 1. ...

Shore and Sea Boundaries: Volume Three
Shore and Sea Boundaries: Volume Three An Essential Reference for Those Concerned with Maritime Boundary Delimitation By Michael W. Reed The Shore and Sea Boundaries series, which was begun ... boundary cases. An updated Shore and Sea Boundaries was needed. Volume Three, published in June 2000, was written by Michael W. Reed, an attorney and expert involved in maritime boundary delimitation ... More from this site

EcoPeace / Regional Data
Annex I (a). 7. The Parties shall, upon the signature of the Treaty, enter into negotiations to conclude, within 9 months, an agreement on the delimitation of their maritime boundary in the Gulf of Aqaba. 8. Taking into account the special circumstances of the ...