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The Florida Panther Society, Inc.
Key since 28 August. Although her movements in this old agricultural area consisting of dense Brazilian Pepper has been minimal, observations of panther #61 along Research Road on 4 and 19 September ...

The Florida Panther Society, Inc.
TX108 continued to use more frequently the thick strands of Brazilian Pepper in the "Hole-in-the-Donut area than TX105 or panther #16. Prepared by Darrell ... More from this site

Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council Committees, Committee Chairpersons and Duties
National Park Service Florida/Caribbean Exotic Plant Management Team 305/252-0347 Brazilian Pepper Chair: Jim Cuda University of Florida Department of Entomology and Nematology 352/392-1901 ext ...

Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council Publications
Natural Areas Management Plans Air Potato Management Plan - NEW! Lygodium Management Plan - Second Edition (2006) Brazilian Pepper Management Plan - Second Edition (2006) Melaleuca Management Plan Chinese Tallow Management Plan Colubrina asiatica- Lather ... More from this site

U.S. Global Change Research Information Office
Australian melaleuca, the so-called Australian pine, Asian cogongrass, and Brazilian pepper, introduced for roadside planting in Florida, have become costly hazards because of ... and narrow in its interpretation of "noxious." Such documented scourges as purple loosestrife, Brazilian pepper, and Eurasian watermilfoil, for example, are not yet prohibited. The troubles with introduced ...

Environmental Resources
For example, Brazilian pepper greatly reduces biodiversity by forming impenetrable thickets, suppressing beneficial fire ... Pine (Casurina equisetifolia) Banyan Fig (Ficus benghalensis) Bishopwood (Bischofia javanica) Brazilian Jasmine (Jasminum fluminense) Brazilian Pepper (Schinus terebinthifolius) Burma Reed (Cane Grass) - Neyaudia reynaudiana ...

Environmental Resources
Department): Casuarina spp. (Australian Pine ) Bischofia javanica (Bishopwood ) Schinus terebinthifolius (Brazilian Pepper ) Melaleuca quinquenervia (Cajeput or Paperback Tree ) Cupaniopsis anacardiopsis(Carrotwood ) Ricinus communis (Castorbean ) Mimosa pigra (Catclaw ... More from this site

California Coastal Commission, Upper Newport Bay Project
We call it the “Exotic Hut,” as its support posts are Brazilian pepper tree trunks. Volunteers have pulled a total of 96,000 pounds of non-native invasive ...

Trees of the University of Florida
Palm Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands 102 Podocarpus gracilior Weeping Podocarpus tropical Africa 103 Schinus terebinthifolius Brazilian Pepper-tree Brazil 104 Cupressus lusitanica * Mexican Cypress tropical America 105 Cupressus arizonica * Arizona Cypress southwest ...

Invasive Species: Plants - Management: Control - Management Plans
Geography for other plans on the national, regional, state and international level. Brazilian Peppertree Brooms / Species Profile Chinese Tallow / Species Profile English Ivy Giant Hogweed ... Profile Brazilian Peppertree Florida's Brazilian Peppertree Management Plan - 2nd Edition (Apr 2006; PDF | 13 MB) Florida Exotic Plant Pest Council. Brazilian Peppertree Task Force. Brazilian Pepper Management ...

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