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PISCES - Florida Bay
Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Sponges and corals, along with queen conchs, spiny lobsters, and brittle stars, dominate the hardbottom communities that are common in the southern portion of Florida Bay. Mixed ... - Life on the Reef: Today from the Bahamas - Dispatch 5
He deposits it in the plastic collecting container he carries. Brittle stars are a type of echinoderm ... five thin, spiny arms radiating from a central disk that the stars use to wrap around sponges and press against the shadowy ... the surface and the inside are coated with delicate, reddish-purple brittle stars. I tickle the spines at the end of one arm ... - Life on the Reef: Today from the Bahamas - Dispatch 8
Despite the exhausting dive regime, Paula, Gordon, Dan, and coral expert Sean ... More from this site

Image Galleries - FLMNH Invertebrate Paleontology
Naples Shell Club) Florida fossil crab and shrimp gallery Florida fossil asteroid and ophiuroid (sea stars and brittle stars) gallery Florida fossil brachiopod (lamp shell) gallery Florida fossil coral gallery Florida fossil echinoid ...

Creatures living on the kelp forest "floor," include sea urchins and brittle stars. Mid-level dwellers include many kinds of fish (such as the giant kelpfish), snails, and ...

Outpost: Blue Frontier @
Laura Francis, who answered questions while scuba diving in the kelp forests near the island. Brittle Stars Photograph by Kip Evans Finally, on June 19, with seas as flat calm as we ... Geographic photographer Kip Evans descended near Santa Cruz Island, returning with some great images of brittle stars, sea pens, anemones, and fish. In the afternoon, Guy Cochrane completed a research dive nearby ...

september 2005
Wageningen University on 19 September. The change from an ecosystem dominated by brittle stars to an ecosystem dominated by mud shrimps is linked to a reduction in the stability ...

NSUOC Faculty and Staff Profiles
I use mitochondrial DNA sequences from a variety of species including amphipods, brittle stars, and stingrays to infer patterns of gene flow and genetic biodiversity among reefs in Florida ...

Voyage to the Aleutian Islands: Understanding Alaska’s Deep Sea Frontiers
(Top left) Bubble gum coral (Paragorgia sp.) shown covered with brittle stars was collected southwest of Amlia Island at 844m. Photo: Sonya Senkowsky, Alaska Science Outreach Reporter ...

The Bright Side of Arctic Ice
Scientists call the fueling of plant life primary productivity. A brittle star on the bottom of the Chukchi Sea The theory ... organisms were consuming ice algae came from observing sand dollars, brittle stars, star fish (part of the epibenthos living on the surface ... , researchers also found an abundance of animals--more than 250 brittle stars per meter squared. These kind of organisms can account for ... More from this site

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