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Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory - Guide to Birding Hot Spots
Canyon B&B Carr Canyon Carr House (site of SABO's Canyon Walks and Owl Prowls) Miller Canyon Beatty's Miller Canyon Guest Ranch (hummingbird feeding station) Ramsey Canyon Brown Canyon Trail H2 Garden Canyon Sawmill Canyon Scheelite Canyon ...

Linville Gorge - The Grand Canyon of North Carolina
Ranger District - Linville Gorge NCNATURAL | ABOUT US | CONTACT The Grand Canyon of North Carolina NCNatural's Guide to Linville Gorge ... bear, squirrel, raccoon, grouse, turkey, vultures, owls, hawks, as well as brown and rainbow trout. Hikers should also be wary of copperheads ... Hole. The third parking area is for Spence Ridge Trail and North Table Rock Trail - 1 mile from Hawksbill. Continue 1 mile ...

Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory Field Trip Photo Album: Miller Canyon and Beatty's Guest Ranch
July 2002, Miller Canyon is the new location for SABO's Canyon Walks. For more information on visiting Miller Canyon, see the entry in ... and depositing them in eddies and side channels downstream. Along the trail are signs of past forest fires. Most of these were mild ... rainy season and early fall. In May and June, the coppery brown females give birth to litters that may number more than a dozen ...

NV Desert Trail Segments TUV
Juniper Mountain, the highest peak in the Sahwave Range. We had hoped to place a Desert Trail peak ... that’s always welcome in the desert. We continue down canyon. Near the canyon mouth is another spring, not so inviting but often used by ... west we begin to notice the ground is wet. Ahead a large brown object blocks our path. The steer jumps up, surprised by our intrusion ...

NV Desert Trail: Segments YZ
Topping up with water from the nearby ‘Trough Spring’ we followed the jeep trail until we dropped into a gorgeous canyon, named ‘Color Canyon’ by Steve Tabor in his ‘trail’ guide ... the process. The brown water of the second lake looked especially uninviting, no doubt coloured in part by the abundant nearby horse droppings. Several more rockfalls across the canyon floor were ... More from this site

Tragedy in the A.T. Vicinity
White Oak Canyon Trail. While the events did not take place along the Appalachian Trail, the Trail is not very far away ... Female Age 24 5'9" 125 lbs Slim Build Long light brown hair Lollie Winans White Female Age 26 5'8" 145 ... . ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ If you were hiking in the vicinity of Skyland/Whiteoak Canyon during the periods MAY 24th to JUNE 1st, and you ...

Mount Diablo Interpretive Association - Geologic Guide To Falls Trail Loop
Regency Drive cul-de-sac in Clayton. The first portion of the trail follows Donner Canyon Road south along Donner Creek. Although Donner Canyon ... of your boots as you slog up the trail. About one mile up Donner Canyon, you will encounter the old Donner Cabin ... site, the trail climbs steeply for a short distance. As you climb, keep a sharp eye out for gray-brown chunks of ...

Ten Short Pleasant Walks
"Mitchell Canyon Trail ... brown 1,000-foot elevation sign. Limited parking is available in front of the lower (western) gate, which is the actual trailhead, or at the elevation sign beyond. No facilities. Trail ... More from this site

Great Parks 2007 - National Geographic Adventure Magazine
F.M. Brown Rapid on the Colorado River. It's time to mount your own Grand Canyon expedition. See more Grand Canyon photos >> ... there's no turning back. 50 National Park Adventures | More Grand Canyon Photos What sort of expedition requires such complete preparation, such ... long mile—but also on par with walking the Inca Trail, trekking to Everest Base Camp, motorcycling across the Sahara, and ...

Bird-watching: Utah Bird-watching Sites @
At the end of the road, the Upper Mill Creek Canyon Trail climbs 9 miles [14.5 kilometers] to join with the Wasatch Crest Trail ... ; White-winged Dove; Greater Roadrunner; Costa’s Hummingbird; Ladder-backed Woodpecker; Vermilion, Ash-throated, and Brown-crested Flycatchers; Black Phoebe; Loggerhead Shrike; Bell’s Vireo; Verdin; Cactus and Bewick’s Wrens ... More from this site

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