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Crustacea (Barnacles, Crabs, Etc.) Balanus amphitrite striped barnacle Carcinus maenas green crab Bryozoa (Moss Animals) Bugula neritina Cryptosula pallasiana Watersipora subtorquata Tunicata (Sea Squirts) Botrylloides violaceus Chain Sea squirt Botryllus schlosseri star ...

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Other species of Bugula bear distinctive, bird-head shaped structures with a jaw-like element that opens and closes, which are called avicularia; but Bugula neritina has none. Bugula neritina zooids are ... Bugula neritina colony from San Francisco Bay. Luis A. Solórzano A smaller Bugula neritina colony from San Francisco Bay. The light tan organism to the left is another species of Bugula, ... More from this site

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New Cigarettes Designs Don't Offer Lower Predicted Cancer Risks 02/02/07 Bacterium From Bugula neritina Reveal Clues to Anti-Cancer Compound 01/03/07 2006 Letter to EBS Alumni and ...

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