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In August 2002, the Massachusetts DEP approved implementation of Butane Biosparging™ with Butane Bioventing™ to treat the site located in a residential area with buildings in close proximity. Effluent gas is reinjected back into the biotreatment zone, increasing both safety and efficiency of the butane ...

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Butane Bioventing™ and Butane Biosparging™ technologies be applied concurrently at a Site to remediate contaminated soil and groundwater and to control contaminant fugitive emissions? Does GBI sell butane injection equipment? How is butane ... butane injection. back to top Q. How much of a cost savings do the Butane Biostimulation Technologies™ provide? A. Butane Biosparging™ and Butane Bioventing ... More from this site

Naphthalene Trans-2-pentene 2-Methyl-butene Benzo(g,h,i)perylene n-Butane Vinylbenzene Click here, for further information on specific contaminants: Contaminant Specific Web ... Behavior Techs for Soil Biological Techs Thermal Techs Other Techs Common Techs Treatment Train Bioventing Enhanced Bioremediation Phytoremediation Chemical Oxidation Electrokinetic Sep. Fracturing Soil Flushing Soil Vapor ...

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