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Coral Reefs
A coral reef is a large rock-like calcium carbonate skeleton secreted by colonies of coral. Coral reefs are very important to the ocean ecosystem ...

Coral Reefs
(The chemical name for limestone is calcium carbonate.) The limestone forms an exoskeleton, which is similar to our skeleton or a snail's ... More from this site

Eco-Pros Coral Communities
As they do this they take in calcium from the seawater and extract and deposit calcium carbonate (limestone) around the lower half of their bodies. This limestone ... or they "leave home" to begin new colonies of limestone coral formations as they deposit calcium carbonate from their bodies. As these limestone skeletons are continually created, from dead and living ...

ECO-PROS Rivers of Toxic Chemicals
Carbon dioxide is the main ionized gas ... More from this site

PISCES - Florida Everglades
... calcium carbonate, calcium, or limestone. calcification - a process by which calcium carbonate in ocean water is changed into solid limestone by corals and coralline algae, resulting in the building of coral reef structures. calcium carbonate ...

CO2 sinks - Sediment
Additionally, the precipitation of calcium carbonate and its deposition in sediments leads to a further 200 million tonnes of carbon ending ...

CO2 sinks - rocks
CO2 sinks - rocks Carbon dioxide Sinks - Rocks and Fossil Fuels The calcium carbonate cliffs of Dover and the petrol at motorway service stations, both these substances represent large ... More from this site

Calcium (Ca) - Chemical properties, Health and Environmental effects
The vertebrate’s bones contain calcium in the form of calcium fluoride, calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate. Health effects of calcium Calcium is the most abundand metal in the human body: is the main constituent of bones and theets and it has keys metabolic functions. Calcium ...

Earth Materials-Sustainable Building Sourcebook
Caliche is a soft limestone material which is mined from areas with calcium-carbonate soils and limestone bedrock. It is best known as a road bed material, but it ...

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