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Ferret News #87 -- Are Ferrets Sickly?
... from outside the body; one of the hypotheses explaining longer life span in mammals undergoing caloric restriction is a lowered exposure to free radicals and other substances generated during digestion and metabolism ...

Primate Center News: Press Releases
Finding on HIV Transmission Nov. 30, 2006: ABC Nightline's 9-minute video clip on caloric restriction and aging, featuring the UW-Madison and Primate Center study Oct. 10, 2006: UW-Madison ...

WPRC Centerline Spring/Summer 2003
Furthermore, the monkeys exhibit an improved risk factor profile for cardiovascular disease. Caloric restriction reliably causes reduced body weight and body fat. Although originally, this ... caloric restriction studies, center researchers are investigating diseases of aging and the normal aging process in the hope of understanding, treating and preventing age-related diseases. Caloric restriction ... More from this site

Primate Freedom Project
"Effects of Early Rearing Conditions", "Caloric Restriction and Aging", and "Sweet Taste in Primates". He was used in the breeding colony from ...

Primate Freedom Project
For example, our research on aging and caloric restriction has been the subject of news programs on commercial television and science series on PBS ... More from this site

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