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Orca Network Incredible Photos page
Note the orca balancing a stick of wood on its head. Priceless. Photo by Sharon Grace off San Juan Island, June 3, 2008. ... . Photo of gray whale by Peg Boley, between Pebble Beach and Camano Head, on Camano Island May 12, 2008. Photo by Peter Hamilton. J Pod ... whale spyhop, mid-channel off Mukilteo to the south, north to Camano Head, April 25, 2008. Photo by Beth Ann Daye. Gray whale spyhop, ...

Orca Network - Sightings Archives - March 2006
Langley, some on the Camano side, some mid-channel, some on the Whidbey side. 3:25 pm: another orca passing by Camano Head, going NW, half way between Langley & Camano Isl. 3:45pm: another small pod, ~3 orcas, half way between Langley & Camano Island, zig-zagging back & forth. * Tom ... More from this site

Wilson, WY 83014, Kathleen Bander, Bats Northwest, 963 Good Road, Camano Island, WA 98282, Robert M. R. Barclay, University of Calgary, Biological Sciences, Calgary, AB T2N ... T2P 3T1, Canada, John Stoddard, Governorís State University, 6308 Pontiac Dr., Indian Head Park, IL 60525-4345, Drew Stokes, U.S. Geological Survey - ...

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