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Frogs Australia Network - Cane Toads
Cane Toads Cane Toads Conservation Frog Declines Threatening Processes Habitat Loss Introduced Species Cane Toads Pollution Climate change Diseases Ultraviolet Radiation Saving Frogs - What You Can Do... ... Cane toads were introduced to Queensland from Hawaii in 1935. They were brought over in an unsuccessful attempt to control the cane beetles that were killing the sugar cane crops. Cane Toads ...

Irene Wood Cane toads, killer bees, feral goats...nature always seems to be on a rampage somewhere in the ...

Hop to It - Irish Frog Survey - Amphibian Around the World
In 1935, cane toads were brought to Australia from South America. Farmers hoped they would eat the beetles which were killing their sugar cane. The huge, poisonous toads spread fast and they are now a threat to native frogs, reptiles and small mammals. Male frogs & toads grip females in a hug ...

ECNT » Current Campaigns » Mining » McArthur River
Centre Island. Five years ago, the river flow washed cane toads out to all the islands except North Island in the big flood that year. Whatever ...

ECNT » About the Environment Centre NT » Convenor's Report 2000
Tiwi islands by Sylvatech, the onward march of cane toads and the proposed prawn farm at Shoal Bay. Back to top Achievements Organisationally some of ... More from this site

The development of a cane toad biological control (February 2003)
Australian fauna; and The ... cane toads. In particular, the paucity of information on the proposed ranavirus viral vector needs to be addressed. In addition, the risk of the released virus escaping to countries with native cane toads ...

The Feral Cane Toad (Bufo marinus) - Invasive species fact sheet
Cane toads, introduced into Australia to control beetles that were destroying sugarcane crops, are still spreading across Australia. They failed to control the cane beetles, and became a major pest themselves. Cane toads ... way to control cane toads across large areas, but scientists are searching for a biological control agent that is specific to the toads. See also Action on cane toads Threat ... More from this site

Invasive Species: Animals - Cane Toad (Bufo marinus)
Cane Toads Tropical Savannas Cooperative Research Centre (Australia). Introduction History; Photographs; Distribution; Impacts Cane Toads -- Bufo Marinus Australian Museum. Identification/Description; Illustrations; Life Cycle; Habitat; Special Note: Cane ...

Australian Cane Toad
The Cane Toad is what is known as an opportunistic feeder. The Venomous Cane Toad of Australia The Cane Toads diet, which is not the normal among its kind, is both living and earth material, which most toads don’t take in. IT will, when necessary, eat carrion, or animals that have been found dead. The Adult Cane ... Reptiles and Amphibians: Cane Toad Snake Snack
Friday, July 18, 2008 Cane Toad Snake Snack A cane toad was photographed chowing down on a keelback in Australia. (News source.) Labels: behavior, biology, introduced, snakes, toads posted by Chad Arment @ 3 ...

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