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1996 Marks The Center's First 25 Years
Kauhale and to build the Hale Wa`a, Canoe House.) It took all of 1987 for the title to clear on the new property and ...

Hana Cultural Center - Hale Wa`a Completed, Blessed
This is one of the largest ancient Hawaiian hale replications on Maui and will be ... blessing of the canoe house which was officiated by Boy Kana`e and Mohala Banner. Also participating in this special ceremony were crew members of the visiting Hokule`a voyaging canoe. 1997 Newsletter ... More from this site

Welcome to Ecocomposite
Site Ecocomposite ('e-kO- käm-'pä-zit) n. || house + L com together + ponere to place> || A composite is a solid ... . By 1994 when Chelsea Green published our book “The Straw Bale House”, with the added insight of David Eisenberg, the worldwide movement was increasing ... degrade into compost. Imagine what's left after a birch bark canoe is left in a field for ten years compared to a ...

Northwest Straits Initiative
Northwest Straits Commission was introduced in the US Senate and House of Representative by sponsors Senator Patty Murray and Congressman Rick Larsen. Click here for ... and agenda. Northwest Straits Initiative Newsletter Subscribe to our monthly newsletter here. Featured Project Canoe Journey Water Quality Monitoring Project is up and Paddling! 2008 marks the 19th anniversary ...

Paddling The Rideau Canal
This lock also features a working blacksmith shop, a 19th-century defensible lockmaster's house with a commanding view of the lockstation, and a 60-foot keystone arch dam which ... hours the locks are in operation. The Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority has produced several suggested canoe "loop" routes that include parts of the Rideau System. Copies available from the Rideau Canal ...

Rideau Canal Waterway - Rideau Paddling FAQ
Canoe/Kayak do I need? Any type of canoe or kayak will do. Since it is flatwater paddling, the ideal canoe is a “tripping” style of canoe. ... a dry map case. I leave the large maps back at the house and just take the sections I need in a convenient and waterproof ... the canoeist (i.e. offering a pull-out and overnight storage of canoe and gear), so it best to ask each potential accommodation directly. ... More from this site

House Boating On Burt Lake - Michigan Interactive™
American holiday weekend here I was ready to get away.

Canadian Press Article - The Straw House Blog has picked up the article, thanks to Art for the ... Changing Straw Bale Links Camel's Back Construction Our Cool House Ontario Straw Bale Coalition Surfin' Strawbale Link List Design MoCoLoco NotCot Treehugger Land and Living Materialicious Future House Now Funfurde Modern Residential Design Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools ...

Contact Information: Granny's Country Store, Hollowtop Outdoor Primitive School, LLC, HOPS Press, LLC, Jefferson River Canoe Trail, Green University, LLC.
Books & Videos for a Better World Self-Serve Wholesale Sustainable Living Alternative Construction House-Building Classes Articles & Resources Ecological Economics Primitive Living Skills Hollowtop Outdoor Primitive ... Living Skills | Primitive Living Skills Wildflowers & Weeds | Society of Primitive Technology Jefferson River Canoe Trail | What's New? | Search This Site! Return to Thomas J. Elpel ...

Tom's Camping Journal: The Jefferson River Canoe Trip
We butchered five at camp, and one got ... kick up waves high enough to swamp the canoe. We had to work to keep the canoe pointed down river. The load of dry ... | Primitive Living Skills Wildflowers & Weeds | Society of Primitive Technology Jefferson River Canoe Trail | What's New? | Search This Site! Return to Thomas J ... More from this site

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