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Magnadrive Couplings. Link Seal penetration seals and plastic sleeves. PSI Casing Spacers plastic, steel and stainless steel. Oil removal from stormwater with ... Casing Spacers, Magnadrive Corp., Cascade Pump Co., Scaletron Co., Little River Pond Mill Circulators, Abtech Industries, Assure Flow Sales, Hydra Shield Keywords: Link Seals, Speed Control, Couplings, Scales, Sleeves, Casing Spacers ...

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SELECTION TOOL WINDOW TECHNOLOGIES Glazing Types Frame Types Operating Types Low-E Coatings Gas Fills Spacers BENEFITS Energy & Cost Savings Improved Comfort Less Condensation Increased Light & View Reduced Fading Lower HVAC ... open on side hinges: in-swinging are French in origin; out-swinging are from England. Casing. Exposed molding or framing around a window or door, on either the inside or ...