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CAT - Cat Action Treasury's Felidae website
CAT - Cat Action Treasury's Felidae website Working with the IUCN/SSC Cat Specialist Group Cat Action Treasury ABOUT CAT FELIDAE FOCUS  what’s hot now in international wild cat conservation Felid Conservation and Biology Conference The great cat ...

CAT Cat Action Treasury Kristin Nowell, Director PO Box 332, Cape Neddick, ME 03902 Email: Cat Action Treasury 1996-2003: An Eight Year Overview (MS Word document) Cat Specialist Group The Cat ...

CAT Sitemap
Cat Action Treasury's Felidae Sitemap CAT Homepage with news and feature photo Felidae Feature Photo Gallery: the most striking images from eight years of CAT projects About CAT Join CAT's community of donors and supporters CAT ... More from this site

CAT: New Project Proposals
Lion Project. Pieter W. Kat and Kate Nicholls. Production support for the Cat Specialist Group newsletter Cat News. IUCN/SSC Cat Specialist Group Co-Chairs Drs. Urs Breitenmoser and Christine Breitenmoser-Wrsten. Project ... (photo trapping of jaguars, pumas and ocelots). Virginia Technical University: Dr. Marcella Kelly.

Save The Tiger Fund | Partners
National Park (Vietnam) Bangladesh Ministry of Environment and Forest (Bangladesh) Bhadra Wildlife Conservation Trust (India) Cat Action Treasury (Cambodia) Center for Coastal Environmental Conservation (Bangladesh) Center for Wildlife Studies (India) Center for the ...

Mountain Lion
Find out facts on its habitat, appearance, and lifestyle. Courtesy of San Diego Natural History Museum 2003 Cat Action Treasury - Cat Action Treasury ... Tracks , Mountain Lion Range, Eastern Mountain Lion, Mountain Lion Mount, Big Cat Pet, Mountain Lion Attack in California, Mountain Lion Pic | General Information | | Links | | ...

WWF - Threats to the Tigers
Related Links Human - Tiger Conflict Tiger Information Centre Cat Action Treasury (CAT) Downloads WWF: Solving conflicts between Asian big cats and humans - A portfolio of conservation action [pdf, 82 KB] Throughout their range in Asia ...

WWF - South China tiger - Threats
Asian big cats and humans - A portfolio of conservation action [pdf, 82 KB] Related Links Tiger Information Centre Cat Action Treasury (CAT) Although China outlawed tiger hunting in 1979 and declared the South ... More from this site

Predator Conservation Trust: Links and Donors
SSC/Reintroduction specialist group IUCN/SSC/Cat Specialist Group Namibian Nature Foundation Nature Preservation Council The Wild Carnivore African Safari Pictures Link sites Big Cat Links Cat Action Treasury World Animal Net Directory Predator Conservation ...

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