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U.S. Global Change Research Information Office
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New Internet Postings Related to Global Change Research
Research Information Office New from the Climate Change Science Program New from the participating agencies of the Climate Change Science Program New from the Climate Change Technology Program Do ... ... View RSS feed See Climate Change Science Program archives for earlier postings. New from CCSP agencies ... View RSS feed See agency archives for earlier postings. New at ... View ... More from this site

The Jane Goodall Institute - Africa Programs
We Work: Guinea and Sierra Leone Projects: Chimpanzee Conservation and Sensitization Program The CCSP was launched in September 2005 with support from USAID, and will run through ... and engage in efforts aimed at national governments, community-based organizations, and law enforcement agencies to build their capacity for chimpanzee protection and habitat conservation. Objectives: Preservation of ...

NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration -William J. Brennan, Ph.D., NOAA Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Affairs
CCSP is composed of 13 federal scientific agencies and integrates the planning and budgeting of federal climate and global change ...

Regional Contributions
Carbon Cycle Research Program (CCSP) is an interagency partnership that draws on the expertise and ongoing research in seven agencies, with the objective of developing a whole-system ...

US NSF - NSF-Wide Investments
Climate Change Science Program (PDF) The Climate Change Science Program (CCSP) engages thirteen U.S. agencies in a concerted interagency program of basic research, comprehensive observations, integrative ... fundamental research activities that form a sound basis for other mission-oriented agencies in the CCSP and the nation at large. Cyber-enabled Discovery and Innovation (PDF) The ...

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