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Economic Output SDI Inventory
CEQ) Definition: millions of pounds of nuclear materials used Issue: Resource/Energy Resources Finished Fuels and Related Products and Power Characteristic: Amount of Nuclear Fuel Renewable Energy Consumption (157 CEQ) Definition ... Amusement and Recreation Services Amusement and Recreation Services Definition: Candidate SDI: Park Visitors (153 CEQ) Definition: number of people visiting National Park ...

Economic Processes SDI Inventory
CEQ) Definition: energy consumption per dollar of Gross Domestic Product Issue: Production/Energy Efficiency Economic Processes Characteristic: Amount of Money Spent on Energy Materials Consumption per Gross Domestic Product (165 CEQ) Definition ... More from this site

National Wetlands Inventory
Maps Information Status Information Layers and Metadata Hard-Copy Maps Code Definitions Wetlands Definition Wetlands Information Wetland Functions Status and Trends Wetland Plants Publications Kids & Educators Other ... at the White House Council of Environmental Quality website: (Follow this link for Report Notes) Viewing Wetlands with Google‚ ...

Executive Order 13061 > EPA's American Heritage Rivers
The Chair of the CEQ will ensure that the rivers recommended represent a variety of stream sizes, diverse geographical ... . The CEQ shall serve as Executive agent for the Committee, and the CEQ and the Committee shall ensure the implementation of the policies and purposes of this initiative. Sec. 6. Definition. ...

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