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eceee: Why we need to get rid of incandescent bulbs
CFL lamps. A new generation of energy saving Halogen lamps is now becoming available ... lamps, which CFL lamps are unsuited for. The existing CFL lamp also offers an important alternative. The days when they were heavy, ugly and pricey have long gone. Today’s CFL lamps ... a number of concerns still exist regarding CFLs. These lamps contain minute amounts of mercury, which is needed ...

ENERGY CONSERVATION: Energy Efficient Appliances, Energy Star Products, Solar Products and More
SPECTRUM SOLUTIONS Discover Energy Efficient Full Spectrum Lighting Including Replacement Bulbs, Lamps and Commercial Fixtures EARTHPRINT Environmental and Sustainable Development Publications fromUNEP and ... , Efficient Lighting, CFL Light Bulbs, Heating & Cooling LEDTRONICS LEDtronics Designs and Manufactures LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) Energy Saving, Long Life Bulbs and Lamps NIGHTSTAR FLASHLIGHT ...

LIGHTING: Energy Efficient and Natural Lighting Products, Full Spectrum Bulbs, Compact Fluorescent Bulbs, Solar Lighting, Lamps
Diodes) Energy Saving, Long Life Bulbs and Lamps NATURAL FULL SPECTRUM LIGHTING Vita-Lite, Ergonomic Lamps, Compact Fluorescents, Commercial &Residential, SAD NIGHTSTAR FLASHLIGHT ... Lamps SEVENTH GENERATION, INC. Natural Sunlight in a Box: Full Spectrum Light Bulbs SEWELL DIRECT LED Bulbs – Floodlights to Nightlights to Party Lights, Rechargeable Batteries SOGOGREEN Bright White Light Clean Air CFL ... More from this site

Schools and Mercury | Mercury | US EPA
Energy Star program (PDF) (2 pp., 71K, about PDF) What to do if a CFL or other fluorescent bulb breaks Other Consumer Products Management/disposal options Related links about mercury ... is used in many items found in schools, such as thermometers, barometers, switches, thermostats, flowmeters, lamps, and laboratory reagents in chemistry and science labs. Two major causes of mercury spills at ...

Information for Consumers | Mercury | US EPA
Energy Star program (PDF) (2 pp., 71K, about PDF) What to do if a CFL or other fluorescent bulb breaks Other Consumer Products Management/disposal options Related links about ... contain mercury page for certain mercury-containing products such as automobiles, batteries, dental amalgams, lamps, switches, necklaces, paint, and thermometers. The page includes links to related information from other ... More from this site

NEMA - Lamps Section
Lamps: Environment, Health and Safety CFL ... lamps, projection lamps, three-way lamps, reflector and PAR lamps, infrared lamps, tungsten halogen lamps, decorative lamps, special purpose incandescent lamps, miniature and subminiature incandescent lamps (including automotive), sealed beam lamps, fluorescent lamps, general lighting high intensity discharge lamps, miscellaneous electric discharge lamps ...

NEMA - Decorative Lamps
Lamps Decorative Lamps Fluorescent Lamps General Lighting High Intensity Discharge Lam... Infrared Lamps Large Incandescent Lamps Miniature and Subminiature Incandescent Lamps Miscellaneous Electric Discharge Lamps Projection Lamps Reflector and PAR Lamps Sealed Beam Lamps Special-purpose Incandescent Lamps Three-way Lamps ... EMF) Dry Batteries Lamps: Environment, Health and Safety CFL Mercury ... More from this site

ESB: Lumatech Compact Fluorescent Replacements
The Micro-Lamp fits table and floor lamps as well as other lighting fixtures with a standard socket. The globular diffuser improves appearance ...

Compact Fluorescent Lamps
Fixtures to Deter Backsliding An Economic Example Economics Traps and Tricks Screw-in fluorescent “lamps” are actually complete fixtures packaged on a standard lamp base. They include a fluorescent ... many situations where screw-in fluorescent replacements cannot be used. Some screw-in fluorescent lamps have magnetic ballasts and some have electronic ballasts. In units made by reputable manufacturers, ... More from this site

Mercury In King County: Which Lamps Have Mercury?
Lamps Have Mercury? You are in: HazWaste » Mercury » Fluorescent lamps » Which Lamps Have Mercury? Which Lamps Have Mercury? Fluorescent lamps are three to four times more energy efficient than incandescent lamps ... of mercury; Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL's): 'twisty' bulbs that replace traditional incandescent light bulbs; High intensity discharge (HID) lamps: mercury vapor (farmyards, streets, ...

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