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Rideau Canal Waterway - Geology
Champlain Sea extended west, all the way up the Ottawa River Valley, past Ottawa. The southwestern margin of this sea ... Champlain Sea would have been cloudy with rock-flour, ground by the glaciers whose meltwater poured into this sea. This rock-flour settled to the bottom of the sea ... pushed back the Champlain sea. For instance, in the western part of the Merrickville area the sea departed about 11, ...

Rideau Canal Waterway - Ottie the Otter
Ottie's origins date back to the Champlain sea. When the sea retreated, Ottie was left landlocked in the Rideau Lakes. His ... extremely rare. The first photos on this page are of Alaskan sea otters. Presumably Ottie would look very much like one of these ... dens, usually those made by other animals (beavers, muskrats, etc.). Sea otters are normally found rafting with other otters in kelp beds ... More from this site

Invasive Species: Aquatic Species - Sea Lamprey (Petromyzon marinus)
Sea Lamprey DOI. Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center. Photographs; Illustrations; Introduction History; Impacts; Life Cycle; Distribution; Dispersion; Controls; Research Back to Top State Government Lake Champlain Sea Lamprey Control New York Department of Environmental Conservation. Identification/Description; Impacts; Habitat; Controls Alien Profile: Sea Lamprey and Sea ...

Arctic Studies Center - Staff - Stephen Loring
Subsequently, he has explored the shores of the nearly-forgotten Champlain Sea and has walked numerous ancient beach lines and eskers in Labrador, being passionate about all ...

Bowhead Whale of White Lake
Champlain Sea. Bones of a large (averaging about 16 m long and weighing 50 metric tons in life) bowhead whale were found in beach deposits of the Champlain Sea near the town ... and died, about 11,500 years ago. Other remains of large whales that occupied the Champlain Sea have been found near Smith Falls, Ontario, and Daveluyville and Les Cédres, Quebec. Home Discover ...

Ringed Seals
Champlain Sea about 11,000 years ago. As the last ice sheet ... flooded the depressed lowland, creating this inland sea. Most of a skeleton was collected from Champlain Sea clay near Hull, Quebec, together with ... sea ice in winter, and to pupping on land-fast ice in spring, presumably those conditions existed in the western part of the Champlain Sea ... More from this site

GLERL/Sea Grant: Great Lakes Fisheries Extension Enhancement Resources Inventory
Resources Inventory Fisheries Extension Enhancement Resources Inventory: Strategic Plans   National Sea Grant College Program - Themes and Priority Areas Great Lakes FEE Themes ... Sea Grant Coherent Area Program - Year 7 Proposal and 68-Month Progress Report Full Fisheries Abstract University of Wisconsin Sea Grant College Program 2002-06 Strategic Plan Full Fisheries Abstract Lake Champlain Sea ...

Invasive Species in and around Lake Champlain
Caspian and Black Sea regions of Eurasia. They were discovered in Lake Champlain in 1993, thought to have arrived via the Great Lakes ... to work, controlling the loosestrife population quite effectively. Sea lamprey: It is hypothesized that these parasitic animals entered Lake Champlain through the Champlain Canal. They survive as a kind of large ...

Invasive Species Lake Champlain
Species in the Lake Champlain Basin: Honeysuckle Buckthorn Eurasian Milfoil Water Chestnut Purple Loosestrife Zebra Mussels Sea Lamprey + Glossary Native ... from the Caspian and Black Sea regions of Eurasia. They were discovered in Lake Champlain in 1993, thought to have ... is its pretty color. +Sea Lamprey: Recent research suggests Sea Lamprey may be native to Lake Champlain but not all experts agree. ...

Lake Champlain Land Trust Template
Champlain Land Trust Template Experience Lake Champlain 2009 Experience the Lake Champlain landscape as Samuel de Champlain did in 1609. Plan to join one of our Quadricentennial Protected Landscape Tours. This protected ... comes alive as you see and feel some of the oldest inhabitants of the area, sea creatures and reef dwellers from 480 million years ago, fossilized in several exposed outcroppings. ... More from this site

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