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Post Hurricane Katrina Photographs of Louisiana Barrier Islands
Chandeleur Lighthouse Current northern extent of Chandeleur Island chain, 3.25 NM south of the former location of the Chandeleur lighthouse. Air Force radio tower located near the former northern tip of the Chandeleur Island chain. The Chandeleur ...

USGS National Wetlands Research Center: Chandeleur Islands after Georges
Louisiana's Chandeleur Islands, a chain of barrier islands some 60 miles east of New Orleans. Since the 1980's, Michot has conducted extensive ground studies of the chain's seagrass beds ... Chandeleurs Sept. 29, 1998, mere hours after Hurricane Georges had passed, Michot found that the island chain he knew so well was barely recognizable. A Category 2 storm, Georges paled in comparison ... More from this site

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