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GM test site destruction
Spring oilseed rape sites and four of the twelve maize sites have been partially destroyed. In the last 3 weeks a total of ... Dorset (LL Chardon Maize), 7 arrests, one person detained, 15% destroyed. Wivenhoe, Essex, (LL Chardon Maize), 11 arrests, 25+% destroyed. Headley Hall Farm, Yorkshire, (LL Chardon Maize), 60+% destroyed. IARC Rothamstead, Herts, (LL Chardon Maize), 35 ...

1st GE seed on UK national seed list
GE crop to pass the final regulatory hurdle before commercialisation in Britain. T25, also known as Chardon ... had been having problems convincing the Welsh parliament to accept the maize. Most Welsh people would obviously prefer Wales to be GE-free ... her own advisory committee by announcing her approval for the maize to be added to the list. There are at least ... More from this site

Genetic Engineering - Legal Briefs and Legislation
Aventis in Chardon LL Public Hearing Aventis applied to place herbicide-tolerant transgenic maize Chardon LL on UK ... Chardon LL did not pass the requisite test for distinctness, uniformity and stability (DUS). Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 14th June 2002 GM Maize ... Chardon LL Aventis –T25 Maize to the National List Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 26th October 2000 Re- The proposed decision to add Chardon LL Aventis -T25 Maize ...

Genetic Engineering - Letters; correspondence to governments, policy makers, journals etc, relating to biotechnology
UK farmscale field trials of Aventis Chardon LL GM maize and other GM crops should not continue. Any new technology must be tested, but ... More from this site

Say No To GMOs! - March 2004
LONDON - Britain gave conditional approval this week for commercial planting of genetically modified (GM) maize, prompting fury from environmentalists who threatened to turn the hugely controversial issue into a ... posed a greater threat to the environment than those used on conventional crops.Only T25/Chardon LL maize - a type of cattle feed developed by German chemical giant Bayer - fared better ...

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