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Friends of Washoe: Free-Living Chimpanzees - The Goualougo Triangle, Congo
Current Information History and Timeline Mission Statement Donate to FOW Visit CHCI Learn About Chimpanzees The CHCI Chimpanzees: Meet the Family Free-Living Chimpanzees Bushmeat Habitat Destruction Gombe ... with the local communities and the Wildlife Conservation Society. Crickette Sanz, a former CHCI graduate student, is a part of the research team studying the Goualougo chimpanzees. Crickette is ...

Pan bloglodytes Blog Archive Saying Goodbye
This is the fourth is a series of e-mail updates from former CHCI graduate student, Maureen McCarthy. Maureen has spent the last several months in Uganda studying a small group ... More from this site

CHCI - Apprentice Program
Regular meetings are held to monitor progress on the various projects. Examples of previous research ... April. Please Note: Persons requiring an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter for a CHCI sponsored prgram must contact CHCI at least 10 working days prior to the program's starting date. APPRENTICE ...

CHCI - Frequently Asked Questions
CHCI Directors Visitor Information Volunteer at CHCI Summer Apprenticeships Academic Programs Research Publications "Next Of Kin" Book Chimpanzee Info (at the Friends of Washoe Web Site) Teacher and Student ... old are these chimpanzees? The chimpanzees living at CHCI are all adults: Washoe was probably born ... . Roger Fouts joined the project as a graduate student in 1967. Washoe, acquired at the age of ... More from this site

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