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Mokolodi - Cheetah Project
Mokolodi - Cheetah Project Home Welcome What's on Visiting Alexander McCall Smith Conferences Restaurant Curio shop Education Sanctuary ... Useful links Site map Contact us Receive news of Mokolodi by email Mokolodi Nature Reserve Cheetah Project The cheetah is considered Africa's most endangered cat. As such, each individual animal represents irreplaceable ...

De Wildt Cheetah and Wildlife Trust, North West Province, South Africa
Cheetah and Wildlife Trust, North West Province, South Africa De Wildt Wild Cheetah Project Contact Us Wild Cheetah Project Contact Details Do you have comments or questions on our organisation to become involved, do you have free ranging cheetah and/or are ...

De Wildt Cheetah and Wildlife Trust, North West Province, South Africa
Wild Cheetah Project Manager Kelly Marnewick Wild Cheetah Project Field Researcher Elouise Stahr Hospitality Manager Bongani Baloyi Isaac Simango Jane Makhobela Lena Banda Martha Maboya History The De Wildt Cheetah Centre ... cheetah cubs have been born at De Wildt – a dramatic contrast to the days when the cheetah population of South Africa was estimated at a mere 700. While the cheetah project ... More from this site

A question of survival for Kanha's tigers
Iran, the Department of Environment/CACP project estimates their remaining numbers between 60 and 100 animals, making the Asiatic cheetah one of the most imperiled cats on earth. ... The Wildlife Conservation Society project is conducted with the support of the Iranian Department of Environment (DoE) and led in Iran by the CACP (Conservation of Asiatic Cheetah Project) which is funded ...

Kyrgyzstan Snow Leopard Conservancy Snow Leopard Network CHEETAH Africat Cheetah Conservation Fund ZSL Serengeti cheetah project Conservation of Asiatic Cheetah Project, Iran Iranian Cheetah ...

Asiatic Cheetah Surveys •Cheetah surveys in Balochistan province, Pakistan •Genetics and conservation of the Saharan cheetah (project proposal, funded 2002) Black-footed cat Borneo Bay Cat surveys •Project Proposal ... Cat Specialist Group •The Cat Digital Library •The Cat Projects Database •Project proposal, funded 2002. •Project final report. •Chinese Mountain Cat •Clouded leopard, Asiatic golden ...

Baloch Cheetah Survey 1
Cheetah Survey 1 CAT Home CAT Sitemap SURVEY FOR THE ASIATIC CHEETAH Acinonyx jubatus IN BALOCHISTAN PROVINCE, PAKISTAN FINAL REPORT TO CAT – CAT ACTION TREASURY Project sponsored by the Barbara Delano ... cheetah habitat to interview the locals about this rare cat. This project was ranked as high priority by the World Conservation Union’s Cat Specialist Group. Appendix 1 is the original project ... More from this site

Predator Conservation Trust: Cheetah information
Trust were involved with a Cheetah and Lion reintroduction project at the Kalahari Game lodge in south east Namibia. Visit the Lion and Cheetah introduction project page for more details. ... Namibia, eastern Otjozondjupa and Omaheke regions are believed to have the highest cheetah densities. Cheetah Distribution in Namibia Cheetah occur in about 27 countries in Africa. This is mainly sub- ...

Predator Conservation Trust: Namibia Desert Lion project, Kunene Lion Project, Skeleton coast lions
Project Grants made to the Desert Lion Project by the Predator Conservation Trust Progress reports: 2003 - 2004 progress reports , 2005 progress reports Project The Desert Lion Project is based in Namibia. The project ... large carnivores - Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Spotted Hyena, Brown Hyena and Wild Dogs are all found wild in Namibia. For further information on the Desert lion project, you can visit ... More from this site

DSWF - Snow leopard project
Snow leopard project Welcome to the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation PROJECT: INTERNATIONAL SNOW LEOPARD TRUST Location: MONGOLIA DSWF Support: Since 1997 Funding to date: £76,300 Project Summary: To save the last ... technique worldwide to find and track foxes, bears, and even endangered species such as the cheetah. These previous projects have shown that the dogs are experts at telling the scat ...

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