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Rhode Island Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
Rhode Island. To comply with the Lead Poisoning Prevention Act, the Lead Poisoning Prevention Program conducts a number of efforts to support, measure, and monitor lead ...

Lead Poisoning Prevention: Environmental Health - Minnesota Dept. of Health
The MDH lead program encourages primary prevention, provides guidance and support to individuals exposed to lead ...

Lead Poisoning Prevention Fact Sheets and Brochures - Minnesota Dept. of Health
Lead in Water Other MDH Resources Non-MDH Fact Sheets More Translated Fact Sheets Lead Educational Materials Order Form (PDF: 23KB/2 pages) General Fact Sheets Childhood Lead Poisoning Information: Help to Make Lead Poisoning ... More from this site

Lead Poisoning Update - Keep Kids Healthy
Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention that screening blood lead test be performed on all children enrolled in Medicaid at ages 1 and 2 years. It is well known what Pediatricians should do with elevated lead ...

Metal miniatures: How to minimise the risks of lead poisoning and contamination
Lead aware housekeeping 5. Ceiling dust & lead poisoning 6. Is your yard lead safe? 7. Health Impacts of lead poisoning 8. Rotary Questionnaire 9. Lead poisoned Pets and Your Family 10. Childhood Lead Poisoning ...

International Lead Poisoning Awareness Week - Aims and achievements of The LEAD Group
LEAD Group was founded in 1991, one of our aims was to help bring about the elimination of childhood lead poisoning in Australia by the year 2002. Sadly, children are still getting lead poisoned. But we’ve been able to make people aware of the dangers of lead. We helped ... More from this site

lead poisoning in Rochester, NY | new, link, references Lead Rochester |
Lead Paint in Schools Natural Resources Defense Council Changes to the Lead-Based Paint Poisoning Prevention --from HUD Also, Reference Library on Lead Poisoning. Childhood Lead Poisoning -- from NYS Attorney General. "For more information about lead poisoning ...

Lead Poisoning Prevention Week Activities Around the Nation | Lead in Paint, Dust and Soil | US EPA
Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program will provide lead education. For further information, contact Rob Carr, 617-918-1607. October 22-25, 2007 -- Lead Training. The Home Depot, Worcester, MA. The MA Childhood Lead Poisoning ...

Lead Poisoning Prevention | Region 7 | US EPA
More information Our nation’s goal is to eliminate childhood lead poisoning by 2010. Everyone is at risk of being poisoned by lead. The ... More from this site

Rhode Island Lead Poisoning Homeowners, Inspectors & Contractors
Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program 3 Capitol Hill Room 302 Providence, RI 02908 HEALTH Information Line 1.800.942.7434 fax: 401.222.5734 Healthy Housing Lead Poisoning ...

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