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The ION STICK Electrostatic Water Treatment
A simple non chemical water treatment approach for any closed loop recirculating water system. Commercial, institutional or industrial applications are suitable benefactors for this electrostatic water ...

The ION STICK Electrostatic Water Treatment
This system included seven coils which supplied different areas of the building. When the outside temperature was consistently high enough, and the river water temperature was excessive, the Carrire Delta T centrifugal water loop was closed and the system operated in the conventional manner. PROBLEMS: The chilled water piping ... More from this site

NEDO:Results of Energy Conservation Technology Development Toward the Prevention of Global Warming
(TBAB). Chilled water has conventionally been used in air conditioning systems. However, hydrate slurry has a two to three times higher thermal storage capacity than that of water while having ... adding a latent heat recovery function to a wall penetrating type bath water heater to replace balance flue type water heaters that have been widely used in existing housing complexes. In ...

Air conditioning - Stationary
Smaller commercial offices and retail buildings can have very sophisticated multi-split ... chillers Supplying chilled water to large office and commercial buildings. Used if no cooling water available. R 407C, R 134a, R 404A, R 507 Water cooled chillers Supplying chilled water to large ...

Telus: Revitalization of an Office Building
Equipment rooms were provided with dedicated chilled water ... s disease was reduced by using an air-cooled chiller, rather than a water-cooled chiller. Furthermore, the hot water system is set to 60C to minimize bacteria growth. Daylight ...

ESB: Hydronic Cooling
Chilled Water Sources To add cooling to a hydronic distribution system requires a source of cool water. In some cases, water can be ... . "In mild conditions, we have used well water to cool homes," he says. "Water circulates from the bottom of the well, through ... of the well." For greater cooling power, valances can be fed water chilled to 45 degrees F by a ground-source heat pump." ... More from this site

See THERMAL ... also "Generation Dispatch & Control" and "PowerPool.") TURBINE GENERATOR - A device that uses steam, heated gases, water flow or wind to cause spinning motion that activates electromagnetic forces and generates electricity. Return ...

How energy is used in Commercial Buildings
A district system can reduce equipment and maintenance ...

Chilled Ceiling Association Members
WA14 1DQ Ventilation products (Grilles, Diffusers, Displacement, VAV, Louvres, Dampers, Chilled Beams Swegon Essex House, Astra Centre Tel 01279 416087 Edinburgh Way Fax 01279 ... HD6 1QF Manufacturer of Marstair (direct expansion) split systems and Airking (chilled water) fan coil units and chilled water cassettes. The product range also includes: close control units, cellar coolers, ...

HEVAC - Chilled Beam & Ceiling Association
Chilled Ceilings and Chilled Beams are energy efficient and need only minimal mechanical refrigeration, they are much more environmentally friendly than other building cooling systems. Benefits compared with other systems: more modest chilled water ... More from this site

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