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Niagara Falls: Chippawa - a history
Bridgewater and was located approximately 1 kilometer north of Chippawa. In 1795, Chippawa consisted of one inn and a similar number of other houses. Chippawa Creek which flowed into the Niagara River had little ... . As a result of dredging, the waters of Chippawa Creek began a reverse flow. The water now flowed from the Niagara River into the Chippawa Creek. This man-made island became known as Hogg ...

Niagara Falls - Frequently Asked Questions
Chippawa Creek (Welland River) at Chippawa. La Salle established an outpost at the mouth of the Chippawa Creek at the Niagara River. As La Salle's ... a history Bridges: a History British in Niagara Burning Springs Caroline, the Steamboat Center, the Chippawa - a History City of the Falls Project Clifton, Town & Village of Commerce (Early) Crysler, ... More from this site

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We have 240 kilometres of river and creek frontage in Winnipeg, channels for growth and beauty. The Red is the most prominent of ... First Nations -- intriguing nomenclature for post cards, rivaling long Welsh place names. This was the Chippawa name for Red River: Pisquoqummeewee Sibi. The Cree name was Mikwakumewesepe. The rivers create a ...

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